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John Howell: Essential Cuts (02/24) – A “Cocaine Bear” and Predictions for the Election

  • Rex Huppke, humor columnist from USA Today, discusses MTG’s idea for a “national divorce” and why he’d be for it. 
  • Jason Nathanson, ABC News Entertainment correspondent, has the low down on “Cocaine Bear.”
  • Bill Cameron, Host of Take 1 on WLS, previews his interview with Mayor Lightfoot and gives his predictions for Tuesday’s election. 
  • Plus, Steve Cochran and John look ahead at their Election Night special.

Why Hasn’t the CPD Done More About Officers Involved in Hate Groups? 

The Chicago City Council had a contentious meeting with CPD officials this week, questioning why they haven’t moved more aggressively against officers who were involved in hate groups and connected to the capitol riot. John Howell speaks with Alderman Matt Martin from Chicago’s 47th Ward to discuss.

Will Lou Dobbs Cost Fox News Cash with Election Fraud Lies?

With Lou Dobbs’ 2020 election fraud lies coming to light, he may cost Fox News a lot of cash. It seems like this could help Dominion Voting’s lawsuit against the company. John Howell is joined by Jacob Sullum, Senior editor at Reason Magazine, to discuss.

John Howell: Essential Cuts (02/15) – FAA Close Calls and A Proposal to Prevent Overdoses

*Jeff Greenfield, five-time Emmy winning network television analyst and author, says that Biden missed a huge opportunity by passing on a Super Bowl interview. 

*ABC’s Andy Field has the details on the FAA taking action on close calls. 

*Representative La Shawn Ford explains why lawmakers have proposed a drug-injection site to prevent overdoses and provide resources. 

*Plus, Bret Gogoel, WLS Defacto Sports Director, gives his thoughts on the Cubs and Sox at the start of Spring training.

Mongo Bowl will Benefit Former Bears Player & Celebrate the ‘85 Team

Both the Des Plaines and Aracada Theaters are hosting MONGO BOWL events on Super Sunday. The events will benefit former Bears player, Steve “Mongo” McMichael, with medical bills related to ALS. John Howell is joined by Ron Onesti, President & Founder of Onesti Entertainment, to discuss Mongo, the inspiration for the fundraisers, and all the details. For information, tickets, or a donation link, visit www.oshows.com

John Howell: Essential Cuts (02/03) – The GOP Says Goodbye to an Ally & a Surveillance Balloon Flies Across the US

*Kelli Pelc, Founder of The Refilleri in Humboldt Park, joins the show to discuss the zero-waste shop and how to live more sustainably. 

*Marissa Lynn Ford, League of Chicago Theaters Executive Director, has the details on Chicago theatres celebrating Black History Month & the upcoming Chicago Theatre Week. 

*Axios reporter Victoria Knight explains why the GOP has parted ways with a historical ally: Doctors.

*Plus, ABC’s Alex Stone has the latest details on the surveillance balloon floating above the US.

John Howell: Essential Cuts (02/02) – Illinois Legislative Oversight and the History of Groundhog Day

*Sophia Van Pelt, Reporter for the Better Government Association, compares Illinois Legislative oversight to that of other states…and we don’t look good.

*POLITICO’s Caitlin Oprysko has the details on where the Uihleins sent their cash after January 6th.

*Sheriff Tom Dart shares his thoughts on how we can get to a place where mass shootings aren’t considered commonplace.

*Plus, John gives a lesson in Groundhog Day history, and Mike Lindell visits Jimmy Kimmel in quite the unique fashion.

John Howell: Essential Cuts (02/01) – Should the City Shovel our Sidewalks? And a Forum-Turned-Debate

*Alderman Gil Villegas shares his thoughts on a pilot program for the city shoveling sidewalks.

*Anne Flaherty, Senior National Policy Reporter ABC News Washington, has the details on a GOP-led panel targeting COVID relief dollars for review.

*Mike Emanuel, Fox News Chief Washington Correspondent, has the latest on this week’s biggest national political stories.

*Andy Field discusses the FBI search of Biden’s Rehoboth Beach Home.

*Plus, John reviews last night’s contentious mayoral forum, and we talk to Tom Brady’s number one fan about his retirement

Volunteer shot while canvassing for 15th Ward candidate Joseph Williams

A campaign worker was recovering Monday after being shot in the leg while campaigning for 15th Ward aldermanic candidate Joseph Williams on Sunday.

Maxwell Little was going door to door to garner support for Williams when the shooting occurred at about 1:45 p.m. in the 6600 block of South Marshfield Avenue in the city’s West Englewood neighbourhood.

Little was on the sidewalk and streaming on Facebook Live when a man wearing a red mask shot him. The video shuts off just as he was shot in the leg.

In a statement Sunday afternoon, 15th Ward Alderman Raymond Lopez called the shooting “the same type of mindless gun violence we have seen in other neighbourhoods,” and said gun violence in the area “must be confronted and addressed directly and without excuses.”

11-year-old gets inspired by the movie ‘A Christmas Story’ and puts his tongue on a frozen pole.

11-year-old Spencer Kline from Sandwich Illinois decided to like a frozen pole while sledding. Friends of Kline called for help but he was able to pry himself off the pole before emergency crews arrived.

Big John and Ramblin’ Ray just want to make sure that you shouldn’t try everything you see in the movies.

PAWS Pet of the Week: Helena!

Are you on the search for an active, attentive pal who is full of energy? Then Helena may be the girl for you! She is playful and affectionate and loves to play fetch and snacking on treats! This one-year-old Terrier Mix would be a great walking partner because she can go for miles! She loves to give her owner kisses and to be close to wherever you are. Helena doesn’t like when her humans are gone most of the day. She aims to please, so she’d like a home where she will receive continued training. Helena has most recently been working on crate training and enjoys that! Helena is a strong pup who is looking for an experienced owner. She prefers to be the only dog in the home and would also do best with family members 15 and older.

Helena will be available for adoption tomorrow, Saturday, December 1st at a special suburban dog adoption event at the Walter E. Smithe Oak Brook Showroom, located at 1501 16th Street. PAWS will be bringing larger dogs like Helena, and some puppies who are in need of homes and space to run and play. Stop in from 12-3pm to meet the dogs, talk with PAWS, and take home your new best friend!

Ald. Matt O’Shea: 10th annual Beverly Hills Turkey Trot 5K

The 10th Annual Beverly Hills Turkey Trot 5K Run and Family Walk will be held on Saturday, November 24, 2018. Proceeds will benefit the 19th Ward Youth Foundation and the John McNicholas Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. Alderman Matt O’Shea talks about why you should join and how you’d be helping the community with Big John and Lauren Cohn. Plus they dive into Chicago politics a bit, specifically the mayoral race.