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John & Ray’s 12 Strays of Christmas from PAWS Chicago

John Howell, Ray Stevens and Jen DeSalvo of the WLS-AM 890 morning show visited PAWS Chicago this holiday season to bring you info for adoptable pets.


If you love the quirky, feisty traits that define Chihuahuas and dachshunds, then Hot Dog is your guy. His spunky personality is written all over his adorable mug!

Hot Dog was adopted but unfortunately came back to us because he wasn’t a good fit with a new child in the home. These things happen. But he’s more than ready to find a new fit in a quiet and calm, adults-only home with an experienced owner who can help him work through his fear of strangers.

Ready for a BFF (best furry friend) that’ll keep you on your toes and in stitches?

Here are Hot Dog\’s \”Likes\” and \”Dislikes\” on his PAWS Chicago page!

Jen, Ray & John talk about Hot Dog on Monday, Dec. 12:





Sno ball is just a baby. At three months old, this little labrador retriever is looking for a family with lots of energy to help her grow into a socialized and happy adult!

As a puppy, Sno Ball will want to play quite frequently, so be ready to get ample exercise!

Sno Ball would love to meet you! Stop by the Pippen Fasseas Adoption Center at 1997 N. Clybourn Ave., in Chicago\’s Lincoln Park neighborhood, today.



Kesef is an adorable kitty who is looking for a forever family!

Playful and energetic, Kesef is an active cat who gets easily overstimulated, and will need an adults-only ‘purrrrmanent’ home. He lived with another kitty during his recent stay in a foster home, and while the two got along well, Kesef sometimes lacks the social skills to realize that other cats don’t always like to play as much as he does! We think he would do well with another kitty who is laid-back and willing to tolerate his playful antics.

He used his cardboard scratching post in his foster home, and also has excellent litter box habits! If you’re looking for a fun addition to your home, look no further— Kesef is sure to bring lots of energy and excitement everywhere he goes!

Learn more about Kesef at his PAWS Chicago page!



Here’s the thing about Poochie: She’s diamond in the ruff! Sure, it may take her a minute to get comfortable in new environments. But once she does, her friendly and outgoing personality shines bright.

Poochie is incredibly affectionate—perfect companion material. She spends her days chewing on toys, running and playing, and indulging in afternoon naps. Right now, she’s not a fan of loud noises, and she doesn’t find the great outdoors to be so great. But an experienced, patient owner in a quiet and calm, adult-only home can help her through those things.

See Poochie\’s PAWS Chicago page here.



Christopher is an adorable kitty looking for a home with experienced cat owners. Energetic and playful, Christopher loves playtime and would do very well on a schedule involving daily structured play sessions in his ‘furever’ home! He recently spent a month in a foster home where he loved to snuggle with his foster dad at night and play during the day. Christopher has a bit of a mischievous streak, however, and enjoys playing with toilet paper rolls and knocking items off counters—so make sure to keep your prized collection of glass figurines out of his reach!

Christopher will need an adults-only home as he can get overstimulated and nip for attention. Since he is so active, he will do best in a house where he will have lots of room to run around rather than an apartment or condo.

There\’s more to learn about Christopher, so visit his PAWS Chicago Page!



This handsome boy weighs 28 pounds and came to PAWS under very sad circumstances. Confiscated by Animal Control from his previous home due to neglect, Marcus arrived with an injured tail, an ear infection, and callouses on his elbows from lying on the ground without any bedding. PAWS provided medical care right away and Marcus was placed into a foster home for some much needed TLC.

There\’s so much more to Marcus, so check out his PAWS Chicago page to learn about him!



Parsley is a people person! She absolutely LOVES to be near her humans and will follow you from room to room. Her fosters reported that she enjoys belly rubs, lounging near you, and cuddles of any kind. She is also a very playful dog and likes trips to the lakefront, rolling in the grass, showing off her amazing obedience skills, and chasing tennis balls.

Here\’s Parsley\’s PAWS Chicago page with more information and pictures!



Hawking is a 2-year-old tuxedo cat who came to PAWS during the worst snowstorm of last winter. This poor guy had lost most of his ears and tail to frostbite, and was severely underweight at just 5 pounds. Thankfully, he was rescued just in time and spent a couple weeks healing and gaining weight at the PAWS medical center. During that time, Hawking made a miraculous recovery and is now ready to find a family to love!

Hawking recently spent some time in a foster home where he loved to sleep in bed with his foster parents and always wanted to be the center of attention. His foster described him as “the best cat he’s ever had” and said that “every day with Hawking is special.”

There\’s more to Hawking, so take a look at his PAWS Chicago page!



More than anything, Hero craves to connect with and please his humans. As you can imagine, he’s now anxious to find a new home, where he can resume his heroic efforts at heart-bursting love.

Hero is house trained and behaves like a perfect gentleman at home. He loves toys of the Kong, chew, and rope varieties, as well as tennis balls. Turnoffs include strangers, being left alone for extended periods of time, and loud noises. We’re working with him to help with the fearfulness and to grow his confidence.

There\’s more to Hero, and you can learn about him on his PAWS Chicago page!

shelley 2


Shelley is a sweet and social cat who loves just about everyone she comes in contact with, feline and human. Shelley originally came to PAWS in back in February with her two babies and while the kittens both found homes long ago, Shelley is still on the hunt for her forever family. Energetic and playful, Shelly loves interactive games such as mouse-on-a-string and may be a good candidate for clicker training!

Shelley can get overstimulated from too much petting but will show clear signals to show when she needs a break. Because of this she will be best suited for an adults only home.

Catch all of Shelley\’s \”likes\” and \”dislikes\” on her PAWS Chicago page!



Zeus is just a baby! At eight months old, there is so much that he has to learn, and is looking for a devoted family to show him!

He\’s a sleek Shepard mix who is still growing!
Zeus has a PAWS Chicago page!



Eugene’s middle name is “life of the party.” It’s just in his hilarious nature. No smile is left uncracked with him around. He’s a very active dog who particularly enjoys playing ball and going on runs. He also likes showing off his smarts in training—and it’s been pretty impressive.

Sure, Eugene has some things to work on, including his drive to chase cats and his less-than-stellar behavior around small dogs. (He is good with larger dogs, and did we mention that he’s hilarious?) So his best fit will be with an experienced owner in an active, cat-free home with kids 15+.

Check out Eugene\’s personal page at the PAWS Chicago website!

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