Big John and Ramblin' Ray


6 - 9am

SafeHouse Restaurant’s “Agent Blonde” Discusses The Launch of Their New Spy-Themed Establishment

The SafeHouse  Chicago, a place for hungry and thirsty spies to seek refuge, has officially opened its Windy City location to the public. Featuring a modern industrial design by Chicago’s own award-winning firms, The Gettys Group and Epstein Global, it is covertly located in the vicinity of 60 E. Ontario Street. Visiting spies will be tasked with locating the top-secret entrance marked only with a sign for International Exports Ltd. flanked by a gaslight and an iconic red door.

Before entering, guests will be required to provide the password or perform a top-secret clearance test to gain entry. Once inside, they will embark on a one-of-a-kind mission as they create their own agent name and complete missions while discovering gadgets, uncovering hidden secrets. Agents can enjoy drinking spycialty handcrafted cocktails and eating furtively fresh edible entrees, sandwiches, burgers, and tasty apps.
Station Chief Agent OH-OH-7 (aka David J. Baldwin) founded SafeHouse Milwaukee in 1966.  Today, Agent BB (aka Greg Marcus, Marcus Corporation President and CEO), and his team of friendly Marcus Restaurant agents continue Agent OH-OH-7’s vision.