Gov. Bruce Rauner on Mayor Rahm Emanuel: ‘He’s got to go’

As Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Chicago Police try to calm down the city’s violence, President Trump and Governor Rauner are ratcheting up the rhetoric.

The first volley fired at Emanuel came Thursday morning, as governor Rauner called him corrupt. Speaking on a downstate radio station, Rauner claimed that Emanuel received $20 million from special interest groups.

“He’s corrupt. He’s part of the problem in Chicago,” Rauner said. “Failure on jobs. Failure on taxes. He’s got to go.”

Adam Collins, a spokesman for the mayor, said Rauner’s comments were “high praise” considering he was named the worst governor in America.

“He’s wrapping up a term in which he achieved nothing other than gridlock, and I guess desperate times call for desperate rhetoric,” Collins said.

Emanuel has faced calls to resign from Chance the Rapper and prominent Chicago pastor Reverend Gregory Livingstone.


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