Stephanie Trussell


3 - 6pm

Today Stephanie speaks with Mark Weyermueller with his news on the street report.

Stephanie is joined this week with (In Studio) State Senator Sam McCann the only Conservative candidate running for Governor in Illinois. He is working to repeal Rauner’s abortion funding law. (In Studio) Elysia Ganier, Founder and CEO of Ganier Desings and International Academy of Design and Technology graduate was inspired by her mother who made her clothes and as a child. She achieved success as a designer for celebrities. She was suddenly paralyzed. (In Studio) Orphe Divounguy, chief economist at Illinois policy will join us to discuss the 10 year anniversary of the Lehman Bros. collapse, the event that emphasized the severity of the Great Recession. Mark Weyermueller joins with his news on the street report.