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Judge Scales Back Election Day Registration

By Bill Cameron, WLS-AM News

(CHICAGO) Election day voter registration in Illinois has hit a snag.  A federal judge has sided with the conservative Liberty Justice Center and granted a preliminary injunction against it pending trial.

 The issue is whether the new law is applied unfairly. Large counties, but not small ones, have to provide election day registration in the precincts. Small counties only have to have one central location.

A federal judge granted the injunction, but Cook County Clerk David Orr is hoping the same day registration that began as an experiment in the March primary can continue in the November general election.

 “Keep in mind over a hundred thousand people registered to vote on election day in precinct in March, and that’s a primary,” Orr said. “So we’re talking about hundreds of thousands of people that might want to do that and if that’s denied, it causes chaos.”

It also probably causes fewer Democratic votes.

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