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MLB: Cook County Sheriff tries to enter World Series using credentials

By Don Kleppin, WLS AM 890 News

(CHICAGO) Deputy Chief Mike Anton is under investigation by the Cook County Sheriff’s Department and the MLB, after baseball investigators say he used his police credentials to try and get a teenage relative into Game 5 of the World Series.

Sheriff’s Department Spokesperson Cara Smith told the ABC7 I-team this is NOT why officers are given access.

“They’re not given a credential to go watch the baseball game…they’re given it to assist with keeping the peace. The mere having that credential is not a problem. The concern is if it was…if a credential was provided to someone who wasn’t authorized to have it.”

Anton’s still on the job with his full salary of 120,000 dollars a year and hasn’t said anything publicly.

Sheriff’s officials said shortly after Game 5, Anton let his superiors know he’d tried to get into the game using police credentials and was turned away.