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Bruce Rauner sworn in as Governor of Illinois

(Springfield)  Shortly after noon at Inaugural ceremonies in Springfield, Republican businessman Bruce Rauner took the oath to become Governor of Illinois.  

Speakers compared Rauner to Lincoln and the roman emperor Cincinnatus and he followed with a call for bi-partisan sacrifice to fix Illinois.   Right away he said he’s freezing non-essential spending, reviewing recent state contracts and sending a jobs & economic package to the legislature.

And Rauner vowed to end what he called the corrupt bargain of cronyism, “I will send a clear signal to everyone in our state and from those watching outside our borders that business as usual is over. It stops now! (applause)”

Probably an unfortunate phrase to use because the now-imprisoned Rod Blagojevich said the same thing in an inaugural address, but so many people think it’ll be different this time that even one of the musical numbers played at this inauguration was “Skyfall” from a James Bond movie.  

Bill Cameron, 89 WLS News