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Big John Howell Show Notes 1-26-16

For the first time, we are hearing all of the 911 calls Quintonio LeGrier made to police, begging for help. One call by LeGrier had previously been made public. The agency that investigates police shootings revealed Monday the Chicago Office of Emergency Management and Communication identified two additional 911 calls placed by Quintonio LeGrier prior to his death and that of 55-year-old Bettie Jones.

Jonah Goldberg the Editor-at-Large for National Review joined John to talk about National Review’s sudden public feud with Donald Trump after they ran an issue that was critical of the Republican Presidential candidate. (Listen here)

Donald Trump sat down with Wolf Blitzer on CNN on Monday. First of all, he said that has joking with the whole “I could shoot someone” line and says “everybody knows” he was joking. Howard Fineman the Global Editor for Huffington Post, says that Trump has actually “trumped” the media in this race. He joined John to respond to Trump’s amazing sense of humor. (Listen here)

Fox 32 Political Analyst Thom Serafin the President of Serafin and Associates joined John with reaction Monday’s Democratic Presidential Debate, and the fight between Republicans and Democrats over a potential state takeover of the Chicago Public Schools. (Listen here)

Apparently a man in Lansing kept a six foot alligator as a pet for 26 years without high neighbors knowing it. Authorities found out about it when an appliance repairman was down in the guy’s basement and heard something move in a covered cage and look a peek. He got it at a swap meet years ago and kept it in a cage in the basement. He fed it mostly chicken breasts, which is not the preferred diet of alligators. Sgt. Bill Shannon from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources is the officer who rounded up the beast. He joined John to talk about how common it is to find dangerous animals in neighborhoods.

The stock market is down 8% so far in 2016. The price of oil continues to drop, which should be good news for consumers, but stocks aren’t liking the news. Jonathan Hoenig the President of Capitalist Pig Asset Management joined John to talk about the wild ride on Wall Street. (Listen here)

A man identifying himself as an official with the Virginia Department of Transportation pranked a TV news team in DC. It started off alright, with the man talking about the efforts of the DOT in the face of the snowpocalypse, but then he mentioned his “drug dealer and prostitute were on the way and they couldn’t get it delivered.” Much like the guy who talked to CNN about “Edward Scissorhands” instead of “Edward Snowden” the news anchors just kept talking to the guy, not even listening to what he was saying.

A religious group that once held a 24-hour prayerathon to prepare people for the end of the world has endorsed Cruz. You can’t really control who endorses you, except Cruz decided to feature the statement on his website.

Remember the University of Missouri professor who wanted some “muscle” to take care of a reporter during the outrage over their President not doing enough to stop things that may or may not have happened? She’s been charged with 3rd degree assault.

Hillary Clinton had a coughing fit during a speech in Iowa on Monday. It lasted over a minute.

A Pittsburgh woman was in a bit of a sticky wicket when her furnace broke just as her husband was deploying with the National Guard. So she called a repairman, who came and fixed the furnace. They chatted while he was working, and she happened to mention her husband was deployed. She was surprised when she got the bill and he only charged her $1. He called it the “deployment discount.”