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Illinois lawmakers vote to spare 2 nuclear plants

(SPRINGFIELD) A plan to keep two Illinois nuclear power plants operating and save thousands of jobs is on its way to Gov. Bruce Rauner, who supports the measure.

The Senate voted 32-18 to approve the plan Thursday night just an hour after it got House approval 63-38.

The measure provides $235 million a year to Exelon Corp. for 13 years. Exelon counts it as a subsidy for nuclear power producing no gases harmful to the atmosphere.

It allows unprofitable nuclear plants in Clinton and the Quad Cities to stay open.

Proponents say it will cost electricity ratepayers less than 25 cents a month and provide hundreds of millions of dollars in energy-efficiency programs.

Critics say it’s a corporate bailout that will hike energy prices and that Illinois has enough power generation without the nuclear plants.


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Lawmakers face Exelon energy plan, derided as ‘bailout’

(SPRINGFIELD) A massive forward-looking energy plan pushed by Exelon Corp. and derided as a multibillion-dollar bailout for two unprofitable nuclear plants could land on Illinois legislators’ desks this week.

Exelon has been pushing for years for subsidies to reward its nuclear power plants for their production of energy without emitting harmful greenhouse gasses. Without the money, the company says it will have to shut its plants in Clinton and the Quad Cities.

But consumer groups like BEST Coalition say Illinois already produces more power than it uses and the incentive payments would amount to a $16 billion bailout over 23 years and subsidize users of Illinois-produced power in other states.

Environmentalists applaud proposal for vastly expanding Illinois’ energy-efficiency programs that would save ratepayers $7 billion.


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