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Connected to Chicago (04-01-2018)

Former Independent alderman and author of the new book “The Good Fight: Life Lessons from a Chicago progressive” Dick Simpson joins the show to discuss the primary elections. Bill and Dick inquire into the discussion which include the effects of Joe Berrios being defeated, Chuy Garcia’s campaign and victory, the alderman elections, and Dick’s new book “The Good Fight: Life Lessons from a Chicago Progressive”.

In this week’s round table segment, Bill Cameron is joined by Ray Long of the Chicago Tribune, Greg Hinz of Crain’s, Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun Times, and Franz Spielman of the Chicago Sun Times. Topics include the race for mayor, expansion at o’hare airport, and the citizenship question on the next census.

In this week’s Community Spotlight Jennifer Keiper talks with Kathy Welch. Discussed is Kathy Welch’s decision, after 20 years of raising kids at home, to re-enter the workforce. The Michigan resident took on-line courses at DePaul University in Chicago to see if IT security was really what she wanted to do and when she confirmed that it was, she took advantage of a career re-entry program being offered by Ford Motor company. After six months of training, an internship, and work with mentors, she is now involved in the security program, at Ford, making sure that company secrets are not compromised. I also discuss the career re-entry programs available in Illinois and the Chicago area as well as where to find more information on them.