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Connected to Chicago (12-22-2019) Mayor Richard J. Daley Retrospective

This week on Connected to Chicago Bill pays tribute to the late great former mayor of Chicago Richard J. Daley. Daley was the mayor from 1955 until his death 43 years ago on December 20th 1976.

In this week’s round table segment, Bill is joined by Ray Long of The Chicago Tribune, Heather Cherone, editor of The Daily Line, Greg Hinz of Crain’s, Lynn Sweet and Fran Spielman of the Chicago Sun-Times. The conversation opens up with the news this week of the Impeachment of President Trump and how it will take affect locally here. Who will be more vulnerable Rep. Lauren Underwood or Rep. Sean Casten? Legal weed will go on sale 1/1/2020, but Mayor Lightfoot did just barely get it thru.

This week Lauren Cohn talks with Cook County Hospital Emergency Department Physician and Toxicologist, Dr. Jenny Lu. Dr. Lu explains how the number of vaping related illnesses and deaths keep rising across the country and here in Illinois.

Connected to Chicago (12-17-2017)

Bill Cameron plays his audio collection from his years covering Mayor Richard J. Daley. December 20th marked 41 years since the former mayor’s death.

John Dempsey reviews the Winter Weather & Snow removal procedures that will be used by the city of Chicago this winter. Salt and plows are not the only way the city of Chicago handles a winter storm. City officials also highlighted the use of cameras, road sensors, and human observations in determining the city’s reaction to a winter storm.