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Rosie O’Donnell believes Trump ‘is loathed in America’

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Actress Rosie O’Donnell talks to CNN’s Chris Cuomo about why she has turned a feud with President Donald Trump into activism in leading a nightly protest at the White House since Trump’s meeting with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki.
O’Donnell and Trump have a longstanding feud, dating back to O’Donnell saying on The View in 2006 that he was a “snake-oil salesman.” She was on Cuomo Prime Time to discuss the Monday night protest she organized with anti-Trump demonstrators, featuring 60 current and former Broadway performers singing in front of the White House. She told Cuomo the purpose of the protest was to “remind people of the truth that lives inside them, so when they’re so confused and lied to by our president and this administration, they’re able to find that thing about America that they love.”