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Rauner looks to the future without fair share fees in State Government

Rauner Looks to the Future Without Fair Share Fees in State Government
Bill Cameron, WLS-AM 890

Taping Connected to Chicago with Bill Cameron for Sunday night at 7, Governor Rauner said his Supreme Court victory eliminating “fair share” fees for unions would make a big difference in the second term he’s seeking.

Rauner calls his big win in the Supreme Court not only historic and a big victory for free speech, but something he’d use to change the way he deals with state employees if he’s re-elected.  “I will be able to restructure the government in ways that are more productive.  I can pay state employees more but do it independently from all the union restrictions and all of the seniority requirements and pay people based upon productivity and merit and how about if we have a gain sharing plan where – let’s save a dollar in a department and give an employee 10-cents of that dollar as a bonus.  It’s a win-win for everybody,” said Governor Rauner.

When I asked Rauner if he’d like President Trump to come in for a rally with him downstate, he said he wants support from everybody, Republicans and Democrats, but he didn’t say yes to a Trump rally.

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