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Connected to Chicago (6-04-2017)

Bill Cameron sits down with Michael Reever of the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce. They discuss minimum wage in Illinois, as well as taxes. Reever also discusses balancing the budget in Illinois, the bond rating for Illinois, the economic climate as well as Chicago Public School funding. Reever talks about small businesses and he shares some of his thoughts on President Donald Trump. Bill Cameron also talks with State Comptroller Susana Mendoza.

In this week’s round table discussion, Bill Cameron is joined by Ray Long of the Chicago Tribune, Greg Hinz of Crain’s, and Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun Times. The round table discusses many topics, including taxes in Illinois, Rahm Emanuel and the CPS, the Illinois budget, Illinois bond rating, and the Paris Climate Accord.

Susan Whiteside with the National Confectioners Association says the candy industry, in the U.S., does about $35 billion a year in retail sales and directly employs 55,000 people. She also discusses the industry’s commitment to reduce sugar intake. It’s a move you might not think would come from an industry that promotes sugar. Whiteside says companies including Mars, Wrigley, and Ferrara have agreed to take part in the new initiative. We also speak to entrepreneur Ryan Farr. The 39-year old chef and butcher created a chicharrones (pork rind) that he says, is made with ingredients you’ll find in your kitchen, not a lab.

12/25/2016 – Connected To Chicago

Bill Cameron interviews Susana A. Mendoza, the Democrat who defeated Leslie Munger for Illinois Comptroller. Mendoza makes controvercial claims about the way Munger has left the office. We then hear Munger’s response to these accusations.

Bill Cameron is joined by Ray Long of the Chicago Tribune, Greg Hinz of Crains, and Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun-Times. Chicago based entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist J.B. Pritzker is testing the possibility of taking on Illinois Governor, Bruce Rauner as a Democrat in 2018. Similar to Governor Rauner’s campaign, it’s very possible that a Pritzker campaign could be primarily “self-funded.” The city of Chicago has released thousands of Mayor, Rahm Emanuel’s personal e-mails. The Better Government Association sued for the release, to find out if the mayor was using private email accounts to possibly hide public business transactions.

What if you had Kyle Schwarber living in your house, before he was Kyle Schwarber of the World Series winning Chicago Cubs or any other minor league player who makes it to the big show? Sean Freed organizes the Kane County Cougars “Host Family” program. Freed tells us about the program, what is required, and how listeners can get involved.

The Latest: Mendoza delivers comptroller victory speech

CHICAGO (AP) — Democrat Susana Mendoza is using her state comptroller victory speech to celebrate what she called the “big difference” Democratic women have made in the state of Illinois.

Mendoza is Chicago’s city clerk. She defeated Republican incumbent Leslie Munger, who Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner appointed to the post last year after Judy Baar Topinka died in 2014.

Mendoza stood beside Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel during her Tuesday victory speech. She noted the victories of Democrat Kim Foxx for Cook County state’s attorney and Democratic U.S. Rep. Tammy Duckworth, who defeated Republican U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk.

The big-money special election for comptroller coincided with the presidential contest, thrusting the usually low-profile race into the spotlight.

Munger dominated in fundraising, with millions in donations from Rauner and businessmen aligned with the governor.

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