Chicago mayor seeks community help in speech

Mayor Rahm Emanuel talked up 500 cops but not how to pay for them Thursday night, and also got controversial when he said the violence is not the gangbanger’s fault.

He also got emotional when talking about the police officer father of Arshal Dennis, a teen who was a victim of gun violence.

(CHICAGO) Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel will focus on a revamped youth mentoring program and ask for the community’s help in his speech on crime prevention.

A copy of the prepared remarks Thursday shows he’ll note recent police reforms, statewide legislation, some new technology and a public-private partnership that’ll help an estimated 7,200 youths in high-crime areas over the next three years.

That program is estimated to cost about $36 million.

The invitation-only speech comes as the city has seen a troubling spike in crime and his police department is under an ongoing U.S. Department of Justice investigation.

Outside the venue at a community college a couple dozen protesters stood quietly. Some are holding signs calling for a civilian police accountability council they want created to investigate police misconduct cases.

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