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Japanese company offers fake friends photo service that still won’t make you feel good inside

John Howell and Ray Stevens talked about the ability to buy friends and followers on social media on Wednesday morning.

Ray stated that all of his connections are real, organic followers, yet that companies such as the WLS-AM parent company, Cumulus, have the means to purchase ‘likes’ and ‘followers.’

Note: WLS-AM 890 does NOT buy followers or ‘likes’ — we would have WAY more if that were the case.

The guys found this Japanese organization that sells you friends by way of photos to help make you look popular on social media.

So if you are feeling down because you went out to eat alone for the lack of friends, this company can make it appear that never happened. That deep, awful feeling of sadness and despair, unfortunately, has no product that will create a fix.

– Jen

Great for those looking for online admiration or a way to stick it to an ex, company says.

Source: Japanese company offers fake friends photo service to help customers look popular on social media | RocketNews24