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Big John Howell Show Notes 5-18-16

The Transportation Security Administration is flooding Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport with more staff and resources after hundreds of passengers were stranded as their planes took off while they waited in line. The TSA is currently advising people to arrive at least three hours early for their flights. Mary Wisniewski the transportation columnist for the Chicago Tribune joined John to talk about what has gone wrong with the TSA. (Listen here)

Bernie Sanders won more delegates than Hillary Clinton on Tuesday night — but not enough to slow Clinton’s march to the Democratic presidential nomination. Clinton won Kentucky by a razor-thin margin, while Sanders notched a bigger 53% to 47% victory in Oregon. He needs to win by overwhelming margins the rest of the way to stand a chance at catching Clinton. Tom Bevan the Executive Editor for Real Clear Politics joined John with reaction. (Listen here)

Illinois State Representative Ron Sandack joined John with an update on what’s happening in Springfield. On Tuesday the leadership met with Governor Rauner in an attempt to make some progress on the budget battle. Plus, progress is slowly but surely being made on the Daily Fantasy Sports bill. (Listen here)

The White Sox lost to the Astros 6-5 on Tuesday night. Even after a big of a slum, they are still in first place in the American League Central. John checked in with White Sox play-by-play voice Ed Farmer. (Listen here)

The Cubs and their neighbors might be coming to some sort of an agreement on allowing the Cubs to sell alcohol in their new plaza starting later this summer. Tom Tunney and the neighbors still aren’t happy about it, but it still look like it’s going to happen.

Parent of the Decade nominee: A couple of kids in Pennsylvania were climbing a tree in the schoolyard when, they say, a guy told them not to do that and to just go home; he said something about liability. So the kids’ mother drew up and signed an all-purpose permission slip they could carry with them the next time someone tells them not to climb trees.

In California, one young woman is upset because of a local billboard. A high school junior has launched a petition to get a billboard for a local plastic surgeon removed. The billboard features two cups of coffee, one cup says B and the other cup says D with the caption “Size Matters”… suggesting a D-cup is better than a B-cup. She says it’s offensive, but the doctor in question says he’s actually empowering young women.

A Virginia woman’s obituary says that rather than vote for presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump or Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton for president, she died. She had been battling lung cancer.

A 22-year-old Connecticut woman delivered a scathing condemnation on Facebook, after she says she was accosted in a women’s Walmart bathroom after apparently being mistaken as transgender. The woman said her pixie haircut was covered by a baseball cap at the time and a woman approached her saying, “you are not supposed to be here, you need to leave.”