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Mass shooting at Southern California bar

Authorities say 11 victims and one police officer have been killed after a suspect opened fire at a bar in Thousand Oaks, California crowded with hundreds of people on “college night,”. The suspect was found dead at the scene.

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Two women recount their experiences inside the Borderline Bar & Grill in Thousand Oaks, California, when a man opened fire on bar-goers.

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A father gives his account of a shooting at a local bar in Thousand Oaks, California, where authorities say multiple people were injured.

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Trip Sisters – Episode 21 – 10/27/18 – Halloween Show

Trip Sisters – Episode 21 – 10/27/18 – Halloween Show

Trip Sisters Episode 15 (09-08-18) – Irvine and Dana Point, California

Sisters Colleen Kelly and Catie Keogh talk tips and trends on all things travel. This week they covered news from Delta who announced the installation of new seat-back video screens while other airlines are getting rid of the technology. Part 2 of their California-cation… the sisters highlighted several fun things to do south of Los Angles in the cities of Irvine and Dana Point.

Trip Sisters Episode 14 (9-01-18) – Buena Park, California

Sisters Colleen Kelly and Catie Keogh talk tips and trends on all things travel. This week they talked about new airline routes that are coming soon. A Six Flags amusement park contest prize giving one lucky baby lifetime free entry to all of their amusement parks.  There are a lot of things to do in southern California, the sisters highlight some fun things to do in Buena Park.

Trip Sisters – Episode 14 notes – 9/1/18 – Buena Park

Episode 14 – Buena Park



Colleen & Catie’s Picks









Accommodations – Fairfield Inn & Suites

Conveniently located to central Buena Park (Knott’s, restaurants, shopping, etc). Great for families!


Restaurant – Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlour

Colleen and Catie went there when they were kids! A nostalgic ice cream shop, one of the only two in California. They offer free ice cream to kids on their birthday and are famous for their giant sundae, the “Zoo”!


Activity – Pirate’s Dinner Adventure/Big Air Trampoline Park

Pirate’s Dinner Adventure – Fun, interactive dinner show in a galley-style theater where you feel like you’re truly being captured by pirates!

Big Air Trampoline Park – Great for kids to get out their energy! They offer trampolines, foam pits, dodgeball, rock climbing, jousting, much more.



Accommodations – Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel

The 320 room hotel features a SNOOPY-themed wing, fitness center, pool with children’s activity area, lighted sports courts and many other amenities.

Dining options including Amber Waves, specializing in All-American fare and hotel room service.

A variety of affordable family vacation packages, including admission to Knott’s Berry Farm, are available year-round with special early admission into Knott’s Berry Farm during the summer.


Restaurant – Porto’s Bakery

Porto’s Bakery was born out of Rosa Porto’s love for sharing her wonderful cakes and pastries with friends and family. You have to try their amazing pastries & savory potato balls!


Activity – Knott’s Berry Farm/Soak City

Knott’s Berry Farm is an amusement park that offers an array of rides and roller coasters for all levels and ages! Young kids will love Camp Snoopy, while thrill-seekers can enjoy rides like HangTime, the first and only dive coaster in California. Be sure to stop by their water park Soak City to cool off!


“What’s” with the “Trip Sisters”


What’s in Your Suitcase?

Fly Tot – $79 on www.fly-tot.com

Makes traveling with little ones much more comfortable! Fly Tot is light and compact, made with highly durable material, and proven to provide more rest time on long flights. Children can be safely buckled in while sleeping, and it turns an economy seat into a business class for children. Plus it’s accepted on over 50 airlines worldwide!


What’s on your phone?

Knott’s Berry Farm App

Exclusive App for Knott’s Berry Farm that can provide Ride Wait Times, Season Passes, Special Offers and even a Car Finder!


What’s the tip?

Tips And Tricks To Outsmart Everyone At The Theme Park

  • Take zip lock bags for your phone and valuables on water rides
  • Take a picture of your parking spot
  • Walk through the park backwards to try to avoid the biggest lines
  • If you have kids, write your name and number on their wrist or on a tag on them, so they can be found if lost
  • Go on rides during a parade or fireworks show
  • If you’re traveling alone, look for the single riders line to get on sooner.
  • Go left! A lot of people go right in lines, sometimes it’s better to go left




The Steve Dahl Show – May 4, 2018 – Sample

Papa is having continued success with his CPAP machine and a good nights rest, but too much sodium left Dag wide awake until 2am. Steve is determined to get his favorite burritos here in Chicago! Plus Brendan and Dag had a perfect Rock Challenge on the radio!

Shooting outside Chicago train stop leaves 1 dead, 1 wounded

(CHICAGO) Chicago police say a shooting outside a Southwest Side train station has left one man dead and another injured.

Police say officers responding to a fight about 7:30 a.m. Sunday found a 20-year-old man shot in the neck and a 24-year-old man wounded in the buttocks. Police say the 20-year-old was pronounced dead at the scene.

The shooting occurred outside the California station on the Chicago Transit Authority’s Pink Line. Police say no pedestrians were being allowed in the station and trains were bypassing it.

Police say they have no one in custody in connection with the shooting.



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Big John Howell Show Notes 5-18-16

The Transportation Security Administration is flooding Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport with more staff and resources after hundreds of passengers were stranded as their planes took off while they waited in line. The TSA is currently advising people to arrive at least three hours early for their flights. Mary Wisniewski the transportation columnist for the Chicago Tribune joined John to talk about what has gone wrong with the TSA. (Listen here)

Bernie Sanders won more delegates than Hillary Clinton on Tuesday night — but not enough to slow Clinton’s march to the Democratic presidential nomination. Clinton won Kentucky by a razor-thin margin, while Sanders notched a bigger 53% to 47% victory in Oregon. He needs to win by overwhelming margins the rest of the way to stand a chance at catching Clinton. Tom Bevan the Executive Editor for Real Clear Politics joined John with reaction. (Listen here)

Illinois State Representative Ron Sandack joined John with an update on what’s happening in Springfield. On Tuesday the leadership met with Governor Rauner in an attempt to make some progress on the budget battle. Plus, progress is slowly but surely being made on the Daily Fantasy Sports bill. (Listen here)

The White Sox lost to the Astros 6-5 on Tuesday night. Even after a big of a slum, they are still in first place in the American League Central. John checked in with White Sox play-by-play voice Ed Farmer. (Listen here)

The Cubs and their neighbors might be coming to some sort of an agreement on allowing the Cubs to sell alcohol in their new plaza starting later this summer. Tom Tunney and the neighbors still aren’t happy about it, but it still look like it’s going to happen.

Parent of the Decade nominee: A couple of kids in Pennsylvania were climbing a tree in the schoolyard when, they say, a guy told them not to do that and to just go home; he said something about liability. So the kids’ mother drew up and signed an all-purpose permission slip they could carry with them the next time someone tells them not to climb trees.

In California, one young woman is upset because of a local billboard. A high school junior has launched a petition to get a billboard for a local plastic surgeon removed. The billboard features two cups of coffee, one cup says B and the other cup says D with the caption “Size Matters”… suggesting a D-cup is better than a B-cup. She says it’s offensive, but the doctor in question says he’s actually empowering young women.

A Virginia woman’s obituary says that rather than vote for presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump or Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton for president, she died. She had been battling lung cancer.

A 22-year-old Connecticut woman delivered a scathing condemnation on Facebook, after she says she was accosted in a women’s Walmart bathroom after apparently being mistaken as transgender. The woman said her pixie haircut was covered by a baseball cap at the time and a woman approached her saying, “you are not supposed to be here, you need to leave.”