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The Steve Dahl Show – May 9, 2018 – Sample

Steve’s a bully today! Papa and the guys analyze all of the weird verified accounts that follow him on social media. Frijole Joe is in studio! Steve gives us an update on the garage sale and also explains the Disco Demolition movie that never happened.

Chicago Tonight: Steve Dahl Dissects Disco Demolition

In case you missed it on WTTW Monday night, here’s the Disco Demolition anniversary piece with Steve Dahl!

The new book “Disco Demolition: The Night Disco Died” explores the notorious history of the “Anti-Disco Army” – a rebellion that led to chaos at Comiskey Park and a forfeited game for the Chicago White Sox.

Source: Steve Dahl Dissects the Disco Demolition | Chicago Tonight | WTTW

You can findmore information about and order your copy of of Steve’s new book, “Disco Demolisiton: The Night Disco Died” right here.

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