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The Steve Dahl Garage Sale; don’t miss these treasures!


Big John and Ramblin’ Ray talk with Steve Dahl about his garage sale happening tomorrow at River’s Casino on Saturday, July 14th! Find out what treasures you could grab, and how he could Steve could get rid of these items.


The Steve Dahl Garage Sale at River’s Casino happening tomorrow from 12 pm – 2 pm, don’t miss it!

The Steve Dahl Show – July 11, 2018 – Sample

Technical difficulties left Dag at the studio until 11:45 last night! Steve shares an exciting update about the system crossover! Buzz Kilman joins the guys on the phone to discuss his kettle bell program, which Stever says he’s going to commit to…you can do it papa!

The Steve Dahl Show – July 10, 2018

Brendan recalls the time he was arrested in Milwaukee during his college days! Mallory shares a system update with subscribers! Buzz sends another email to Steve about his kettle bell journey. The email of the day leaves Dag and Bon Jovi on the same stage!

The Steve Dahl Show – July 6, 2018 – Sample

A traffic filled commute leave Steve and Dag bonding over the congested freeways! Sweet Lou Lombardo joins Steve and Dag in studio! Brendan is away in Rhode Island for a wedding! Janet and Steve are attending a brand new musical next week! Steve gives another update on the new platform, plus your emails!

The Steve Dahl Show – July 3, 2018 – Sample

It’s a busy morning for Steve and Janet! Steve’s working from his home studio today. Brendan has a suggestion for the garage sale! A plan to bring burritos from Pasadena to Chicago is destined to fail, Steve explains. Plus your emails!

The Steve Dahl Show – July 2, 2018 – Sample

Brendan offers Steve a suggestion on what to do with one of his garage sale items! Papa gave Rosie Dahl a swim lessons over the weekend. Dag had an eventful weekend performing! Babysitting over the weekend leaves the guys in kids land playing Barbies TV show.

Take home a piece of Radio legend: The Steve Dahl Garage Sale


Big John and Ramblin’ Ray are joined by the one and only Steve Dahl, where he woke up early to talk about his Garage Sale that’s happening July 14th at Rivers Casino. Hang out with The Steve Dahl Show and take home some memorabilia, furniture, vinyl records, or even some Hawaiian shirts! All proceeds will be donated to charity while you enjoy some radical finds.



The Steve Dahl Show – June 14, 2018 – Sample

Another technical workshop leaves Steve questioning his headphones all together! The boys discuss the upcoming garage sale happening in July! Steve addresses an email sent from a subscriber. Janet fills us in on how last night’s book club went and her experience at “The Cher Show, and her love of broadway!

The Steve Dahl Show – May 9, 2018 – Sample

Steve’s a bully today! Papa and the guys analyze all of the weird verified accounts that follow him on social media. Frijole Joe is in studio! Steve gives us an update on the garage sale and also explains the Disco Demolition movie that never happened.

The Steve Dahl Show – May 8, 2018 – Sample

Steve watched West Side Story for the first time and gives us his thoughts! Last night was the Met Gala and the boys play fashion police! A subscriber agrees to help Stever find his lost wedding ring!