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The Steve Dahl Show – July 2, 2018 – Sample

Brendan offers Steve a suggestion on what to do with one of his garage sale items! Papa gave Rosie Dahl a swim lessons over the weekend. Dag had an eventful weekend performing! Babysitting over the weekend leaves the guys in kids land playing Barbies TV show.

Chicago drafts vision for trails, swimming along 3 rivers

(CHICAGO) The city of Chicago has drafted expansive recommendations for more trails and recreational options on its three rivers.

The program, called Our Great Rivers, includes detailed renderings and maps and a timeline extending to 2040. But it offers no answer to the question of how to pay for the work, saying any recommendation would be premature.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s office called it the first unified vision for the Calumet, Chicago and Des Plaines rivers.

Goals include improving water quality enough to allow swimming, paddling and fishing.

Emanuel announced the plan Wednesday at Clark Park, along the Chicago River’s north branch. That’s the site of a proposed pedestrian and bicycle path called the Riverview Bridge.

Emanuel said the plans would “connect neighborhoods and improve the quality of life.”


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