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Explosive Charge in Race for Mayor

                                                                            photo credit: Bill Cameron, 89 WLS News

(Chicago)  In the race for mayor, there is an explosive charge this afternoon from one of Rahm Emanuel’s challengers.

Alderman Bob Fioretti is playing the Zack card.  He is claiming Rahm will not press charges against the muggers of his son Zack, “When your kid gets his tooth almost knocked out.  When your kid is meeting-whatever he was doing at ten o’clock at night on the phone and had to leave the house.  What message does that send to every community about let’s not snitch when they’re saying we’ve got to take an active role in our communities.  Mr. Mayor, you’ve failed us again!”

Fioretti’s shot assumes police know who Zack Emanuel’s muggers are, but all police have said they know is who was in possession of Zack’s cell phone after the mugging.  Rahm’s response is, "It's sad that Bob Fioretti's campaign has come to this, and it doesn't warrant a response."

Bill Cameron, 89 WLS News 

Mike Ditka Endorses Fioretti

                                                                                  photo credit, Nick Gale, 89 WLS News

(Chicago)  Bears former coach Mike Ditka has endorsed Alderman. Bob Fioretti (2nd Ward) for Chicago Mayor.

Speaking ahead of a small fundraiser at Ditka's Steakhouse in the Gold Coast neighborhood Tuesday, Ditka, who is known to back Republicans, told reporters that the race isn't about politics.

"Forget about your politics," Ditka said. "Politics are nothing. We see it in national government, we see it in state government and we see it in city government so put that behind you."

Ditka is a resident of Florida but still maintains a condominium in Chicago and oversees several restaurants. He’s concerned about Chicago. 

"I only want what's best for this city and if you’re not getting the best and you think you can do better then you got to take a shot at it," Ditka said.

So does he have a "beef" with Mayor Rahm Emanuel? Ditka says no.

"I have no beef with anybody," Ditka said. "I think you can always do better. What was my beef with the [1982] Bears? They weren't good enough to win a Super Bowl. The [1985] Bears were. It's not about a beef with anybody. It's not about disliking anybody."

Meanwhile, on the Bears hiring John Fox as their new head coach, Ditka calls Fox an "outstanding coach."

"His background was defense, Ditka said. "I think that is really where the Bears need the most help on defense right now."

Nick Gale, 89 WLS News