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US Atty: Chicago Gangs Emboldened 

By Bill Cameron, WLS-AM News

 At the City Club Monday afternoon, U.S. Attorney Zach Fardon was conceding there has been a downside to the recent moves in favor of more police accountability.

 Fardon is acknowledging that putting the police under a microscope is having two negative impacts on enforcing the law.

 “I believe there was a hit on CPD morale and a drag on officer willingness to conduct stops,” Fardon said. “There has in fact been a major drop this year in the number of street stops officers are conducting. I also think the fallout on public confidence has created a sense of emboldenment [sic] among gangs especially in our most violent-afflicted neighborhoods. Some gang members, apparently,  have felt they could get away with more and so more bullets started flying.”

 He also said the pattern and practice civil rights investigation of the Chicago police department is moving forward at “a record pace” but he made no predictions on when a report may be coming.

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