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Big John Howell Show Notes 5-10-16

Donald Trump told CNN on Monday that the US will never default on debt because the government will just print more money. He went on to call himself the “King of Debt” Johnathan Hoenig the President of Capitalist Pig Asset Management joined John with a few thoughts on Trump’s economic theories. (Listen here)

The New York Times Magazine ran an article featuring White House Deputy National Security Adviser For Strategic Communications Ben Rhodes. The article suggested Rhodes and the White House lied to sell the nuke deal with Iran. Fox News National Security Analyst K.T. McFarland joined John with reaction. (Listen here)

John Howell book recommendation: “Finale: A Novel Of The Reagan Years” by Thomas Mallon

The debate over the Lucas Museum rages on. Carol Summerfield, the director of Chicago-based Museum Revolution joined John to make the case that the Museum will be worth-while addition to the city, and also needs to be on the lake front in order to be most successful. (Listen here)

Chicago Fire Department paramedics have been told to turn in their “bunker gear” – the heavy, protective pants, suspenders, coat and helmet — because the department says they don’t need it. The union begs to differ.

A new poll says US military soldiers prefer Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton in the 2016 race by a margin of almost two to one. Of course, at the same time, more than one in five troops said they’d rather not vote in November if they have to choose between just those two candidates.

Finally, you can express your disgust with all of your options in the 2016 Presidential election. A new website is selling yard signs that read “Everybody Sucks 2016.”

A man is facing hate crime charges in Scotland for posting a video online that showed a pug appearing to perform the Nazi salute in front of a screen depicting Hitler. The 28-year-old from North Lanarkshire was arrested for “publication of offensive material online.” He says he isn’t racist or pro-Hitler by any stretch of the imagination. His girlfriend constantly talks about how cute the pug is, and he wanted to do something that would definitely not be cute.

Ozzy Osbourn update: Monday he was missing and presumed intoxicated. He has since been located and denies falling off the wagon in the wake of his marriage difficulties.