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Ken Bone Endorses Cubs, Uber

Jen DeSalvo, WLS-AM 890 News

Ever since last Sunday night’s second presidential debate, the nation has been suffering from a case of Bone-fever, meaning that the media and public can’t get enough Ken Bone.

The red-sweater icon has been pressed for his voting decision, but has deflected by endorsing two things that are near and dear to the heart of many Chicagoans; Uber and the Chicago Cubs.

“Everyone wants to know if I’ve decided … and I have uberSELECT helps you ride in style like me,” Bone tweeted on Thursday.

He was also offered $100,000 to appear on an adult webcam site, but luckily he chose to go the route of Uber and the Chicago Cubs.

From NBCChicago: Kenneth Bone, who became an instant meme after Sunday’s second presidential debate, is backing the Chicago Cubs in the postseason, according to the Chicago Sun Times.

“I’m not going to bear any animosity at the Cubbies,” Bone told the Sun-Times. “They’ve had a tough run of it.”

Unfortunately, Bone was forced to cut the interview short before responding to a question about whether he’d turn up at Wrigley field during the Cubs’ playoff run.

Read more about Ken Bone’s Cubs Endorsement Here: Debate Star Ken Bone Backs Cubs’ World Series Bid | NBC Chicago

Sexy Ken Bone for Halloween? Maybe not.

It never fails! If there is a costume to be had, there’s going to be a “sexy” version of it to come out for the gals who want to go out and show their tummies on Halloween. Personally, I always like to hide that on holidays since candy and baked treats become two of my best friends.

However, I would still bet that there will be quite a few out of the local northside bars in Chicago this season. The positive? Maybe the college-aged population knows of Ken Bone from actually watching the debates! If that’s the case, I’d consider it a win.

-Jen DeSalvo, WLS-AM Morning Show


Source: Yes, you can buy a sexy Ken Bone Halloween costume online