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People Spend More Time On Facebook Than Personal Grooming

By Lori Lewis, VP of Social Media for Cumulus Media, Created for AllAccess.com

As a culture, we are close to spending an hour a day on Facebook. And there’s no sign of that “time spent” decreasing. Time spent on Facebook has gone from 17 minutes a day to nearly 60 minutes a day in just the past three years.

So you have to ask, what are people giving up, or what are they multi-tasking in order to check Facebook – on average – 14 times a day?

A piece from the New York Post that ran recently – noted that more people were checking Facebook than reading the “Good Book,” the Bible, every day. They also uncovered:

  • People are spending more time lurking on Facebook than bathing.
  • 1/3 of people (27% to be precise) can’t resist the urge to Facebook on the toilet. The number is slightly higher with women than men.

And in my own digging, I found we’re using Facebook in other inappropriate settings.

  • Nearly half of us Facebook while:
    Shopping and Running Errands
    Eating Out
    Working Out
    Sitting in Meetings or Class
    At the Movies
  • People also admit Facebook is the very first thing they check every morning.
  • And more and more are saying they would choose a smartphone with Facebook access over an actual car. The need for acceptance and connection is becoming greater than getting around town in your own vehicle.


– See more at: http://www.allaccess.com/merge/archive/24375/people-spend-more-time-on-facebook-than-personal#sthash.hlqkj16F.dpuf

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