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What did we learn today with Big John and Ramblin’ Ray? (7-26-18)

Big John and Ramblin’ Ray recap today’s show with ‘What did we learn today?’ a segment where they comment on what they’ve learned from the show. As well as asking Executive Producer Tony Lossano, Technical Producer Michael Garay, and Associate Producer Kimberly Kaczmarek what they’ve learned. Today’s show covered a guy who broke up with his girlfriend to focus on his job playing video games, Facebook’s downfall, and how PAWS Chicago is at capacity so remember to adopt, don’t shop!

The Steve Dahl Show – April 25, 2018 – Sample

Grandpa Stever and his legacy are hot topics on this Guacamole Wednesday! A search for the perfect email of the day becomes a competition between Steve, Brendan, and Shawn! You be the judge! Plus some awesome bike talk!

Diamond and Silk: ‘Comey’s not our homie’

Diamond and Silk, who were censored from Facebook, accompany John and Ray this morning to talk about what it was like to be silenced for what they believed in. Also telling John and Ray about their Chit Chat tour.

Learn more about their Chit Chat tour and where to get tickets here.

Big John & Ramblin’ Ray 60 (seconds): washer and dryer apps, Delta Airlines, and Facebook

Ray talks about his frustrations a washer and dryer, John talks about a flight that got physical from a little girl kicking a passenger, and they both agree that oversharing on social media can lead to security issues.

The Latest: Police probe alleged threats to assault victim

CHICAGO (AP) — A Chicago police official says investigators are looking into a mother’s claims that her daughter has been the target of online threats since being sexually assaulted in an attack streamed live on Facebook.

Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said Wednesday that Superintendent Eddie Johnson has also reached out to the family to check on the girl.

The mother told The Associated Press earlier Wednesday that her daughter is scared to return home and the family is being harassed by neighborhood kids. She also says that since the attack, people have posted threats on Facebook that “they are going to get her” daughter.

No arrests have been made in the attack, which police say involved five or six young men or boys. Authorities say about 40 people viewed live video of the attack, and none of them reported it to the police.

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Four adults charged with hate crimes after torturing another adult; Savannah Guthrie returns to the Today Show for Matt Lauer’s anniversary – 1/6/17 (Hour 2)

Nick Gale tells Bob and Marianne about the Facebook video where four adults tortured a mentally handicapped adult. Also Savannah Guthrie makes an appearance on the Today Show for Matt Lauer’s anniversary on the show.

Orlando Shooting Victims Sue Social Media Giants

Is it possible to sue social giants like Twitter and Facebook?

Keith Altman is a lawyer representing the families of the victims in the Orlando shooting who are suing social media sites. He joined the John and Ray morning show to talk about why they are suing social media sites.

The lawsuit claims that the social media services are “making it too easy for the Islamic State to spread its message.”

Facebook shuts down ads for an entire country

By Jethro Mullen, CNN
(CHICAGO) Facebook has taken the unusual step of shutting down ads for an entire nation.
The social network said it has turned off ads in Thailand following the death of the country’s deeply revered king. It’s the first time Facebook has imposed an ad blackout for a whole country.
King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s 70-year reign came to an end on Thursday when he died at the age of 88. Facebook said in a post that removing ads is “a cultural custom” during the mourning period.
It admitted that it doesn’t yet know how long Thailand will be mourning the king, whose unifying appeal stretched across Thai society.
According to the royal palace, all government buildings will fly the national flag at half-staff for 30 days starting Friday, and all civil servants have been ordered to wear black clothing for a year.
Facebook declined to comment further on the ad shutdown. Its post said advertisers within Thailand can still run ads outside the country.
Other websites took measures to reflect the country’s somber mood. Google’s homepage in Thailand was changed to a dark-gray-and-white color scheme, although ads were still showing up for some searches.
The Bangkok Post, a leading English-language newspaper, also made its homepage completely monochrome. The only ads it carried were for its own services, like newspaper subscriptions. For much of Friday, Thai TV stations broadcast solely in black and white.
Facebook’s move to switch off ads isn’t the first time a major global Internet company has taken such a step out of respect. Yahoo turned off ads and went to black and white on its front page in Singapore following the death last year of the city state’s founder, Lee Kuan Yew.
— Karla Cripps and Marc Lourdes contributed to this report.

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People Spend More Time On Facebook Than Personal Grooming

By Lori Lewis, VP of Social Media for Cumulus Media, Created for AllAccess.com

As a culture, we are close to spending an hour a day on Facebook. And there’s no sign of that “time spent” decreasing. Time spent on Facebook has gone from 17 minutes a day to nearly 60 minutes a day in just the past three years.

So you have to ask, what are people giving up, or what are they multi-tasking in order to check Facebook – on average – 14 times a day?

A piece from the New York Post that ran recently – noted that more people were checking Facebook than reading the “Good Book,” the Bible, every day. They also uncovered:

  • People are spending more time lurking on Facebook than bathing.
  • 1/3 of people (27% to be precise) can’t resist the urge to Facebook on the toilet. The number is slightly higher with women than men.

And in my own digging, I found we’re using Facebook in other inappropriate settings.

  • Nearly half of us Facebook while:
    Shopping and Running Errands
    Eating Out
    Working Out
    Sitting in Meetings or Class
    At the Movies
  • People also admit Facebook is the very first thing they check every morning.
  • And more and more are saying they would choose a smartphone with Facebook access over an actual car. The need for acceptance and connection is becoming greater than getting around town in your own vehicle.


– See more at: http://www.allaccess.com/merge/archive/24375/people-spend-more-time-on-facebook-than-personal#sthash.hlqkj16F.dpuf

Source: People Spend More Time On Facebook Than Personal Grooming by Lori Lewis | Merge | … …