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UPDATE: Laquan McDonald protesters block shoppers, cut off Jesse Jackson

(CHICAGO) A group of protesters cut off the Rev. Jesse Jackson’s speech on Laquan McDonald’s deadly shooting Friday when they pulled the leader’s microphone and stormed the podium while he spoke outside the historic Water Tower, the Chicago Sun-Times is reporting.

“Indict Rahm!” the protesters shouted as a brief shoving match ensued.

Jackson and others who were scheduled to speak stopped their activities as the masses hijacked Jackson’s presentation and competed with the shoppers who flocked downtown to take advantage of Black Friday sales.

“No justice, no shopping,” some chanted. “Black lives matter, not Black Friday!”

Others screamed, “16 shots, 13 months,” pointing to how long it took authorities to charge Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke in the African-American teenager’s death.

“We want Rahm Emanuel in jail,” others said. They also chanted, “Black out Black Friday” and “The whole system is guilty as hell.”

A unity march, which started at Pioneer Court, was organized by the Rainbow PUSH Coalition. But other groups, including one called “Black Power” were protesting the murder as well.

During Friday’s demonstration, officers blocked off the entrance of the Water Tower Place. Some protesters had apparently tried to get into the popular shopping center.

At one point, shoppers were turned away from entering. “No justice, no profit,” marchers screamed.

Some protesters yelled at shoppers in front of Topshop, “Don’t shop today!” But the shoppers went in anyway.

There were some demonstrators who linked their arms in front of many stores, refusing to let anyone in.

Several police officers lined up across the doors of Nordstrom on Michigan Avenue to let people pass in and out.

A couple from Carbondale came to Michigan Avenue Friday to go Zara and Sephora. They didn’t get into to either.

When told about McDonald’s shooting death, they were astounded. “That’s crazy,” Enoch Hwang said.

On Tuesday, the Chicago Police released a graphic dashcam video that captured the 16 shots fired by Van Dyke in October 2014. Van Dyke was charged the same day.

Outrage and protests followed the court-ordered release of the footage.