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John and Ray In 60

Chicago Police released the shooting video of Paul O’Neal on Friday. The release led to a series of protests over the weekend.

Over the weekend a French gymnast at the Rio Olympics landed awkwardly and broke his leg on live TV.

Plus, a Chicago businessman has already figured out a way to make money from the Pokemon Go craze, although some people have been hit with fines for not leaving parks at night.

8-5-16 – Howell In 60

Video related to the fatal shooting of Paul O’Neal by Chicago police will be released later today.

Eddie Johnson has already said the video shows police policy was violated. Indiana Gov.

Mike Pence on Thursday fielded one of the toughest questions he’s faced as Donald Trump’s running mate from an 11-year-old.

Plus, a Chicago-area police officer and a couple of veterinarians helped rescue a dog that was mistreated and near death.