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Chicago Police sued in shooting death of black teen

.By John Dempsey

(CHICAGO) The mother of a 16 year old black teenager shot dead by Chicago Police April 11th, is filing a federal lawsuit against the City of Chicago and two unnamed police officers.

The lawsuit from the mother of 16-year old Pierre Loury also cites findings from Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s task force on police accountability, which found inherent racism in the department, and found that Chicago police have “no regard for the sanctity of life when it comes to people of color.”

​Police First Deputy Superintendent John Escalante has said Loury ran away from a car that officers had pulled over because it matched the description of a vehicle used in an earlier shooting.

​Escalante also said that during the foot chase, Loury turned and aimed at gun at an officer, who then fired the shots that killed him.

An autopsy showed the teen was shot in the chest.   Police called Loury a documented gang member, and said they recovered a semi-automatic weapon at the scene.

Loury had also posted a photo of himself online holding a gun, and wearing a gang tattoo on his neck. ​

The lawsuit filed in Chicago Federal Court also accuses police of conspiring with one another to lie about what happened during the incident.


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