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Portillo’s Bringing Back the Lemon Cake?

Everybody on the morning show at WLS-AM 890 is pretty huge fans of Portillos, so when it was rumored that the decade-gone lemon cake might come back, they all got their forks ready.

The Chicago staple restaurant used to serve a delectable lemon cake, though it did not transport well. This seems to be the reason why they had discontinued it.

Will it be making a comeback? Possibly. But not though the expect channels.


Would you be willing to pay hundreds of dollars for a now-extinct Portillo’s cake?




The full story: Man Misses Portillo’s Lemon Cake So Much He Offers $300 Bounty For It – Downtown – DNAinfo Chicago

Lawyer for victim in Portillo’s attack talks to John and Ray

By John Dempsey, WLS-AM News

The attorney for a Canadian man who says a Chicago Police officer attacked him at the River North Portillo’s restaurant, talked with WLS Friday Morning. Attorney Kevin O’Reilly told “The Big John and Ray Show” that officer Khaled Shaar repeatedly punched his client Terence Clarke for no reason.

Shaar had been working security at the restaurant at Clark and Ontario in 2015 when he apparently told Clarke, who was visiting Chicago from Canada with his family, that they had to leave because the restaurant was closing.

O’Reilly says cellphone video shows Shaar then attacking his client.

“Shaar put a set of handcuffs around his knuckles and punched Terence Clarke in the face probably seven, eight times captured on the video. Split his face open, his eye started to hemorrhage. This could have been a lot worse, he could have been blinded, he could have been brain-damaged, he could have, you know, broken a lot of bones in his face.”

​O’Reilly also says Shaar conspired with other officers to cover up what happened.

Shaar wrote in police reports that he only hit Clarke after Clarke swung a chair at him, but O’Reilly says the cellphone video shows that did not happen.

Clarke was charged with felony aggravated battery of a police officer, and was eventually found guilty of misdemeanor disorderly conduct.