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Ric Edelman (11/08/19) – Tax Changes

This week on the Ric Edelman show we start with some good news in the stock market and recent job report, and can Donald Trump truly avoid New York State taxes by ‘moving’ to Florida. Also, changes happening in the job market, tips on saving for emergencies with Director of Strategic Initiatives at America Saves George Barany, and advice on where to start investing for teens and young adults. Later, the best and worst states for state employee pensions and planning for retirement with that information, recommended 2019 tax that changes must be made by December 31st, and we end the show with Ric helping callers with moving insurance policies and inheritance taxes.

Ric Edelman (11/03/19) – Should You Take a Closer Look at Your 401k?

This week on The Truth About Money with Ric Edelman we take a look at the market being at an all time high along with your personal satisfaction! Also, Goldman Sachs is the next financial institution to be sued by staff over their 401k Plans, Ric explains an issue with adjustable-rate mortgages, and why you should look at exchange-traded funds. Later, we get a closer look into lawsuits around the country involving 401k and 403b plans, and the rising costs of Home Health Aid. Finally, Karen Andres joins Ric to talk about The Aspen Institute and retirement and savings, and we round out the show with the reliability of Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation and how long it now takes to get a college degree.

Ric Edelman (10/27/19) – Spooks and Investments

On The Truth About Money with Ric Edelman this week, Ric takes a look at some Halloween statistics to keep in mind going into the holiday and how to keep yourself safe along with looking at your finances as we head into the holiday season. Plus, a slow growth year is spooking investors, and understanding dollar cost averaging. Later, Ric talks about transitions that different generations are going through, digitized currency, and helps a caller figure out what they can do with their pension and investments.

Ric Edelman (10/13/19) – Investments and Your Financial Future

This week on the Truth About Money, Ric opens the show with some good news: the unemployment rate has hit a 50 year low! Also, paying attention to the tickers when buying or selling stock, planning for End of Life care options with Kim Callinan, and understanding revocable living trusts. Later, what is the rate of return you expect to earn on your investments, and how technology is changing the future of business. Plus, lecturer in Public Policy at Stanford University David Crane joins Ric to talk about retirement security, and Ric helps a caller work through their financial situation and mortgage.

Ric Edelman (10/06/19) – Late Life Financial Decisions

On the show this week Ric talks about the 50th year of the financial planning industry and his impact on the industry such as an upcoming public education program, also how to start a good financial life later than intended, and warnings that you need to find a new financial advisor. Later, a warning about looking at the past performances of mutual funds and other investments, Thrift Savings Plans and how to best start withdrawing from one, also how to continue having a financially stable life after retirement, and finally Ric takes a look at how Americans are financing large purchases such as cars.

Ric Edelman (09/15/19) – Stock Market Fears and Retirement Plans

This week on the Ric Edelman show, stock market fears and how to appropriately react to those fears and watching out for crooks playing on your emotions involving natrual disasters. Also, despite what you may have heard in a radio ad Edelman Financial Engines is doing fine, and Steve Vernon a Research Scholar at the Stanford Center on Longevity joins Ric Edelman to talk about social security. Later, after eleven years US households have gained back their 2008 recession losses but inflations means this isn’t as good as it sounds, statistics show that women are less financially literate than men, and should you use a retirement plan at work if they don’t match your contributions.

Ric Edelman (09/01/19) – How To Get The Best Out Of Your Financial Planner

On the first show of September 2019, Ric Edelman expands upon topics discussed last week such as the declaration from the business round table that corporations will shift their focus on to customers, when you should start to receive your social security benefits, and should you send your child to community college? Also what to look for if you think your financial advisor might be taking your funds without your permission, and how you should tip at restaurants. Later, how to get real useful information from a financial planner, options you have for long-term care, and the importance of prenuptial agreement.

Ric Edelman (08/25/19) – How to Handle Your Money

This week on the Ric Edelman show, the business round table has declared that corporations should no longer focus only on shareholders, David Ireland joins the show to talk about the SECURE Act, and how to handle your money when you are self-employed. Later, what is and is not a legitimate non-profit and what to look for when you want to support one, when should you start your social security benefits, and does it make sense for your kids to go to college?

Ric Edelman (08/18/19) – Taking a Look at the Past to Plan Your Future

On this weeks episode of The Truth About Money with Ric Edelman, we take a look at the volatility in the stock market and trends that have appeared in the past 50 years, and continue with theme of history and discuss Benjamin Franklin and how he kept his money growing even after he had passed. Also, decreased interest rates, and handling student loans. Later, does the current prevelance of the inverted yield curve mean a recession is on the way? Also, the first impact of the 2017 Tax Law has hit and how to react to it, and should you take advantage of the current low interest rates.

Ric Edelman (08/11/19) – Looking Out for You, the Financial Consumer

This week on the Ric Edelman show: The Trade War with China is causing some stock market volatility, what does that mean for you? Also, New York State is now looking out for the financial consumer with a new rule. Later, the FTC’s handling of the Equifax breach is questionable at best. Should you convert your 401K to a Roth IRA? Finally, what Ric recommends high school students should be taught about personal finances.

Ric Edelman (07/28/19) – Breach Aftermath

This week on the Ric Edelman show – remember that Equifax breach? They’re finally settling with the FTC and you could get your claim, and Ric tells you when and how to get that claim. Also, Ric talks about investing in the stock market in the plural and how to think about investing in stocks. Later, Ric talks about saving money for retirement and where to increase those savings, and how to go about buying a house in retirement.

Ric Edelman (07/14/19) – The Good, Serious, and Laughing Matters

This week, Ric talks about some great news such as job growth and the upward trajectory in our populations quality of life! However, death is a part of life and now is the best time to get your financial situation set up for the death of a loved one. During your life though, retirement plans are key and California is making sure it’s citizens definitely can. Finally, at the end of the first hour, we learn who that laugh belongs to! In the second hour, Ric talks about electric cars and self-driving pizza delivery, taxes and what they mean depending on where you live, and finally, financial anxieties related to student loans.

Ric Edelman (07/07/2019) – Are you using your Social Security benefits properly?

This week on the Ric Edelman show, we take a look at the success and liveliness of the stock market for the first half of this year, an unfortunate update from Deutsche Bank, and investor protection issues. Later, Ric talks about when to properly use your social security benefits since many retired Americans are taking in their benefits at the wrong time, and the new regulations at the SEC and how they may affect you.

Ric Edelman (06/30/2019) – Time To Celebrate Independence Day

Many American’s believe the economy is not doing so well, but according to economists that is not the case. Moreover, how someone feels about the economy falls along party lines too. Plus, there are so many reasons to be excited about the present but if you’re not feeling too excited due to finances, Ric wants to help you get excited! However there are still things to be worried about, such as Financial Advisors starting to work in their best interest rather than yours. Later, Ric talks about 401k’s, the fact that in general people are good, and one of the best ways to find out what you finances will look like in your future is too talk to people in the place you are headed!

Ric Edleman – The Longest Bull Market and the Good Times We Are Having. (06-23-19)

Ric is excited about the longest Bull Market in recent history, and even though the Bear Market is inevitable we should be excited about the financial times we’re living in. Facebook plans to have it’s own cryptocurrency “Libra” in the coming years, and Peter Kaldes, from The South Florida Institute on Aging to discuss how retiree’s are outliving their retirement.

Ric Edelman (06/16/19)  – Ric Edelman – The First Thing You Must Do When You Get to Work on Monday!

Ric Edelman (06/16/19) – The First Thing You Must Do When You Get to Work on Monday! Why your millennial children might the the worst retirement ready generation (and why it’s your fault)! Living “paycheck to paycheck” many families skip paying bills and seeking medical care to make ends meet. Ric has the shocking results to a recent survey highlighting how people skip making payments. Elderly Alert: Ric highlights details of an investment scam on the oldest of our society, and their age plays into the plot.

Ric Edelman (06/02/2019) – Let’s Learn Stocks, Reverse Mortgages, and Social Security

Do you know what a stock is? Ric takes some time to talk about the difference between stocks, bonds, and assets to help us understand the differences since many people don’t. Reverse Mortgage – is it worth it? Ric explains what it is and if you should consider getting one. Later, Social Security and how to use it to your advantage, and pension plans and what to do with their disappearances on this weeks episode of The Truth About Money with Ric Edelman.

Ric Edelman (05/26) Ric was upset, now he’s just disappointed.

Ric Edelman was very upset about annuities when he was asked to speak about the topic to the industry leaders who sell them. Not surprisingly, he was left feeling disappointed after meeting the people directly involved with the way annuities are managed. What financial lessons are being taught at Morehouse college? The graduates were given the gift of having their entire student loan debts paid off, but how can they learn to plan for their financial future when they are promised that a ‘sugar daddy’ will come along and bail them out? Is your job about to be eliminated? It happens when technology removes the need for labor or completely replaces a previous technology. Are you prepared?

Ric Edelman (05/12/2019) – Ric Edelman discusses the current unemployment report, one with the lowest percent of unemployment in 50 years. With so many people working, the big question is, are they saving?

Ric Edelman (05/12/2019) – Ric Edelman discusses the current unemployment report, one with the lowest percent of unemployment in 50 years. With so many people working, the big question is, Are they saving? — Looking back at historic numbers many people are making more than ever before, but is your boss paying you as much as he could? One third of Americans do not have access to work based retirement plans. Americans are living longer and retiring earlier, but they are not saving enough. Plus, with your child graduating do you have them insured for their debts? Many parents take on their children after college graduation, providing a place to live and financial assistance, but what about life insurance?

Ric Edelman Show (04/28/2019) – Are you prepared (financially) to lose your job?

Ric Edelman Show (04/28/2019) – Are you prepared (financially) to lose your job? If you only started to save back when you were ‘Thirty Something’. Ric’s checklist to make sure you are doing what you need to, so you can live if your life is ‘interrupted’. Name That Laugh… one of Ric’s favorite sound effects sounds like Hillary Clinton and one listener thought it was Joan Rivers… Do you know who it is? A special offer for listeners for a free retirement evaluation if you schedule an appointment before midnight, this Monday night.