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Sandi Jackson Reports to Prison

By Bill Cameron, WLS News

Former-Chicago Alderman Sandi Jackson, wife of convicted ex-congressman Jesse Jackson has reported to prison today.

Sandi Jackson reported to a minimum security federal prison in West Virginia and became federal inmate #32453-016.

She’s doing a full year in prison for filing the false tax return that did not declare the money she and former-U.S. Rep. Jesse Jr. (D-Chicago) looted from his campaign fund.

Reporting to prison is a stark reversal of the promise Alderman Jackson made in December of 2012.

“I will finish my term. I intend to finish my term unless something catastrophic happens,” Jackson said. “I could step outside and get his by a bus today.”

But of course something catastrophic did happen and Jackson will serve a one year sentence because of the scandal.

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