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Trump Supporter Rants in Lakeview Michaels

Forward the video to 10:40 for the rant earlier this year at Peet’s Coffee.

A woman who repeatedly claimed she was being discriminated against in a Chicago-area Michaels store refused to say her name as onlookers recorded her reaction, but she was quick to admit she voted for President-elect Donald Trump.

According to customer Jessica Grady, who recorded the woman seen in the now-viral video, the proud Trump voter claimed two African-American employees at a Michaels store discriminated against her after they tried to get her to purchase a reusable bag instead of giving her a free paper bag. Early into the video, the unidentified white woman can be heard saying, “and I voted for Trump, so what? You want to kick me out because of that? And guess who won? And guess who won?”
For about 10 minutes, the woman can be seen yelling at various customers and employees about her treatment and even calling the police. Throughout the ordeal, those she engaged with remained calm and asked her to leave the store even as she called the police from outside.


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Trump Supporter Beaten Has Surprising Reason for Not Fighting Back

As heard on the John and Ray Show last week, a white man who was driving through Homan Square neighborhood was sideswiped by another vehicle. When he got out of the car to discuss the accident with the person who hit him, he was met with a mob of rage and accusations of his support for Trump.

Why didn’t he fight back? The story takes a surprise turn.

A Donald Trump supporter who was beaten by a mob of teenagers in a Chicago intersection said he didn’t fight back for a reason.

Victim David Wilcox retreated and curled up into a ball, but not because he was afraid of being hurt. He told the I-Team that he was terrified of fighting back and going to prison where he has spent many years of his adult life. For the rest of the story from ABC 7 Chicago, click here.