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Tom Bevan Show (09/16/2018) – Sally Parsons / A.B. Stoddard / Adele Malpas

Tom Bevan Show (09/16/2018) – Sally Parsons / A.B. Stoddard / Adele Malpas – On today’s show Sally Persons – White House Correspondent for Real Clear Politics. President Donald Trump created his own storm over a tweet about previous hurricanes and previous administrations preparations for those natural disasters. A.B. Stoddard – Associate Editor for Real Clear Politics. Updating the Brett Kavanaugh appointment to the U.S. Supreme court. An allegation about an incident while Kavanaugh was still in high school has been brought out after the hearings have ended. The decades old incident involves possible sexual misconduct with a female from another high school. The grassroots revolts against a Kavanaugh appointment have now have begun. Adele Malpass – National Political Reporter for Real Ckear Politics. Andrew Cuomo takes the vote in his race to return as Governor of New York. He spent a lot of money to win over challenger over Sex and the City star, Cynthia Ellen Nixon. Also, in New York, Tish James is now virtually guaranteed to become the state’s top legal officer in November. That position will almost immediately make her into a national figure—and perhaps the most influential state official in the country who isn’t a governor.

Tom Bevan Show (7/15/18)

On a new episode of the Tom Bevan Show, Tom talks to A.B Stoddard about the wrap up of Trump’s European trip and the preview of Trump-Putin Summit. Charles Lipson joins the conversation with discussion about Peter Strzok testimony. Caitlin Huey-Burns discusses WaPo’s story on the Nat Tix and how the Democrats 2020 candidates are responding. Also Tom talks to Adele Malpass about GOP vs Democrats.