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Tom Bevan Show (07/14/2019)

Carl Cannon on the expected beginning of ICE activity today. Bill Scher and the ‘race rift’ between Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Speaker Nancy Pelosi. John Della Volpe has the latest poll results including some interesting findings about U.S. free trade policy over the past decade. There also is some concern about trade with China and Mexico. Lastly, Carrie Severino, talks to Tom about the new book “Justice on Trial” about The Kavanaugh Confirmation and the Future of the Supreme Court

Tom Bevan – Democratic Debates and Supreme Court Decisions (06/30/19)

This week on Tom Bevan (6/30/19) – Tom and Phil Wegman discuss the winners and losers from the Democratic debates. John Kass jumps on and claims that the debate could spell the end for Joe Biden. After President Trump met with Kim Jong Un, AB Stoddard details what’s next for negotiations with North Korea. Plus, Charles Lipson covers the two major rulings handed down by the Supreme Court this week.

Tom Bevan – New Illinois Taxes & AOC’s “Concentration Camps”

This week on Tom Bevan (06/23/19) – John Tillman of the Illinois Policy Institute breaks down the new taxes coming to Illinois. Carl Cannon also joins and shares why he believes Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez chose to use the term ‘concentration camp’ in her Instagram rant. Plus, Phil Wegman discusses the ongoing Iran situation, and Susan Crabtree tells us all about Joe Biden’s biggest gaffe.

Tom Bevan – Oil Tanker Attack and Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ Replacement

This week on Tom Bevan (06/16/19) – Tom and Ford O’Connell take a look at which Democratic presidential hopefuls are on the rise, and how they stack up against Trump. Charles Lipson provides an update on last week’s oil tanker attacks. Plus, Steve Cortes has been a rumored replacement for Sarah Sanders, but he gives Tom another suggestion of who could take over for the Press Secretary.

Tom Bevan – Joe Biden, Roe V. Wade, and American Healthcare

This week on Tom Bevan (5/19/19) – Tom takes a look at the Joe Biden campaign and is it enough for the Democrats. Plus, the new Abortion Laws – is it strategy or reaction? Finally, voters reactions to health care and Medicare-For-All. Guests Include: Phil Wegmann, Scott Jennings, Ford O’Connell, and John Della Volpe

Tom Bevan – Democrats Moving Towards Impeachment? (04/28/2019)

Tom Bevan – Democrats Moving Towards Impeachment? (04/28/2019)

This week Tom Bevan finds out what the Presidential announcement by ‘Sleepy’ Joe Biden means for the upcoming election. Democrats keep pushing “programs” to fix the problems in America, but do they care about the cost of initiating these programs? Business in America is good and the Gross Domestic Product numbers show great economic growth for the first quarter reporting period. Democrats on Capitol Hill seem to be pushing closer and closer to forcing an impeachment of President Trump. Committee chairmen want to investigate President Trumps actions and taxes, but will Nancy Pelosi step in to stop these distractions and the possibility of an impeachment? Guests include: Susan Crabtree, Phil Wegman, Charles Lipson and Carl Cannon.

Tom Bevan – 2020 Dems, Mitch McConnell’s Impact, and the Election of Lori Lightfoot (04/07/2019)

In today’s show, Tom considers the possible candidates for the Democrats in 2020 and discusses the battle over the Mueller Report. Later, Mitch McConnell’s impact on the Trump administration is dissected, and what’s up next for Lori Lightfoot after winning the Chicago mayoral race. Guests inculde: Phil Wegmann, Charles Lipson, Scott Jennings, and Kristen Mcqueary

Tom Bevan – Joe Biden, The Mayoral Election, and Jussie Smollett (03/31/2019)

In today’s show, Tom takes a look at the release of the heavily redacted Mueller Report and discusses Joe Biden’s run for presidency. In the second half, Tom goes local and covers the Chicago mayoral election, and the Jussie Smollett and Kim Foxx situation. Guests include: Susan Crabtree, Josh Kraushaar, John Kass, and Carl Cannon

Tom Bevan – The Mueller Report (03-24-2019)

Tom Bevan – The Mueller Report
In today’s show, Tom and his guests break down what we know of the Mueller Report so far and what it means for President Trump. Also, new polling on the presidential candidates for the Democratic party. Guests include A.B. Stoddard, Steve Cortes, and Phil Wegman

Tom Bevan – Beto on the Ballot, College Admissions Scandal, and the New Zealand Tragedy

In today’s show Tom discusses the presidential candidacy of Beto O’Rourke, shares the latest updates about the New Zealand mosque shooting and the local response to Chelsea Clinton’s vigil attendance. Also in today’s show Tom highlights the growing situation with the college admissions scandal where actors and business executives paid to have their kids admitted to top-end colleges. Guests include Reed Galen, Joe Concha, and Carl Cannon.

Tom Bevan – North Korea Summit Failure, the Michael Cohen “Trump Dump,” and the Chicago Mayoral Election

In today’s show Tom gives an investigative look into the breakdown of the summit earlier this week over nuclear aspirations between President Trump and Chairman Kim. Plus the Michael Cohen ‘Trump Dump’ in congressional hearings this past week, and a look at the fiercely contested Chicago mayoral race. Guests include Dr. Charles Lipson, A.B. Stoddard, Phil Wegman, and John Kass.

Tom Talks the Tough Truth Behind Government Shutdown

Tom Bevan (12/23/18): In this week’s episode, Tom investigates the causes, and interprets solutions to the latest partial government shutdown and its effects on the economy. Also in today’s show Tom explains some of the reasoning behind the surprise resignation of General Mattis and a retrospective look at 2018. Guests include AB Stoddard, David Craig, Steve Porter, and Charlie Hurt.

Tom Bevan Remembers President George H.W. Bush

Tom Bevan (12/02/18): Tom explores the historical narrative of late President Bush, his life, and legacy. Also in today’s show Tom explains the significance of President Trump’s meeting at the G20 Summit, the Illinois budget crisis, and the latest from the swamp. Guests include Carl Cannon, AB Stoddard, Sarah Chamberlain, and Adam Schuester.

Tom Bevan Show (10/21/18) – David Byler / Charles Lipson / Carl Cannon – Midterm Elections and Mob Mentality

David Byler, Staff Writer and Chief Elections Analyst for The Weekly Standard, runs his own regression analysis and tells Tom what the odds are that the Democrats take control of the House of Representatives. David stays for the second segment and shares his most likely scenario for the Senate races.

Charles Lipson, Professor of Political Science at the University of Chicago, breaks down the situation with the killing of Jamal Khashoggi. Charles also gives his thoughts on what Trump should do moving forward as details continue to come out.

Washington Editor of RealClearPolitics, Carl Cannon closes out the show talking about the mob mentality in today’s society after Nancy Pelosi was harassed at a Florida restaurant.

Tom Bevan Show (10/14/18) – Sally Persons / Charles Lipson / Carl Cannon / John Della Volpe – President Trump and the Upcoming November Election.

Tom Bevan Show (10/14/18) – Sally Persons / Charles Lipson / Carl Cannon / John Della Volpe – President Trump and the Upcoming November Election.

Sally Persons explains why the President is trying to do everything he can to associate himself with GOP candidates currently running for office. https://www.realclearpolitics.com/authors/sally_persons/

Charles Lipson, Professor of Political Science at the University of Chicago, lays out the details of the disappearance of Washington Post writer Jamal Khashoggi while visiting the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Turkey.

Carl Cannon reviews the White House visit by singer Kanye West. Is there any chance that minority voters will shift from the typically strong Democrat support because of Kanye recent public comments? https://www.realclearpolitics.com/authors/carl_m_cannon/

John Della Volpe joins Tom to announce a new service called “Real Clear Opinion Research”. Director of Polling at the The Institute of Politics at Harvard University. https://www.realclearpolitics.com/authors/john_della_volpe/

Tom Bevan: “Parties are looking for their hard core voters, who turn out no matter what.”

Big John and Ramblin’ Ray have Tom Bevan, co-founder and publisher of RealClearPolitics, on to discuss how Democrats reacted towards Kavanaugh, bringing upon a mod like feeling towards politicians. Plus the push to vote and the latest ad featuring older people who are using scare tactics to get the younger generations out to vote.

Tune in to Tom Bevan Sunday nights at 8 pm, on WLS-AM 890!

Tom Bevan (10/07/2018) – Carl Cannon / John Kass – The Brett Kavanaugh Vote

Tom Bevan (10/07/2018) – Carl Cannon / John Kass

Carl Cannon covers the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court story and the Senate’s vote to appoint him.  Tom updates us on the after vote fallout and what he calls the “Kavanaugh Effect” in the fall elections. The Real Clear Politics “POLL” has some surprising results and more changes might be along the way.  John Kass reviews the Jason Van Dike conviction and verdict announcement, as well as the way this case has and will impact the mayoral election.

Tom Bevan Show (09/30/2018) – A.B. Stoddard / Josh Kraushaar / Bill Whalen – The Wild Week of Brett Kavanaugh plus it’s impact on the upcoming elections.

Tom Bevan Show (09/30/2018) – A.B. Stoddard / Josh Kraushaar / Bill Whalen – The Wild Week of Brett Kavanaugh plus it’s impact on the upcoming elections.

A.B. Stoddard is an Associate Editor at Real Clear Politics.

Josh Kraushaar Political Editor for National Journal.

Bill Whalen is a research fellow at the Hoover Institution.

Tom Bevan Show (09/23/2018) – Ford O’Connell/Kyle-Political editor /Charles Lipson/Mark-Author.

Tom Bevan Show (09/23/2018) – Ford O’Connell/Kyle-Political editor /Charles Lipson/Mark-Author. Today Tom speaks with Ford O’Connell the Republican strategist. Also Tom speaks with Kyle the political editor of the National Journal. Then Charles Lipson professor of political science at the University of Chicago joins the show. Finally Mark discusses his new book, “Big Game”.

Tom Bevan Show (09/16/2018) – Sally Parsons / A.B. Stoddard / Adele Malpas

Tom Bevan Show (09/16/2018) – Sally Parsons / A.B. Stoddard / Adele Malpas – On today’s show Sally Persons – White House Correspondent for Real Clear Politics. President Donald Trump created his own storm over a tweet about previous hurricanes and previous administrations preparations for those natural disasters. A.B. Stoddard – Associate Editor for Real Clear Politics. Updating the Brett Kavanaugh appointment to the U.S. Supreme court. An allegation about an incident while Kavanaugh was still in high school has been brought out after the hearings have ended. The decades old incident involves possible sexual misconduct with a female from another high school. The grassroots revolts against a Kavanaugh appointment have now have begun. Adele Malpass – National Political Reporter for Real Ckear Politics. Andrew Cuomo takes the vote in his race to return as Governor of New York. He spent a lot of money to win over challenger over Sex and the City star, Cynthia Ellen Nixon. Also, in New York, Tish James is now virtually guaranteed to become the state’s top legal officer in November. That position will almost immediately make her into a national figure—and perhaps the most influential state official in the country who isn’t a governor.

Tom Bevan Show (9/9/18) John Kass / Carl Cannon / Charles Lipson

Tom Bevan Show (9/9/18) John Kass / Carl Cannon / Charles Lipson –

On a new episode of the Tom Bevan Show, Tom talks to Carl Cannon (Washington Bureau Chief for RealClearPolitics) about the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. Also in today’s show Dr. Charles Lipson (Professor of Political Science at the University of Chicago) joins the program to talk about the media frenzy surrounding excerpts from Bob Woodward’s scathing new book. John Kass (Columnist for the Chicago Tribune) joins the show to talk about his candidacy for Chicago mayor.

Tom Bevan Show (09/02/2018) – Carrie Severino / Carl Cannon / A.B. Stoddard

Tom Bevan Show (09/02/2018) – Carrie Severino / Carl Cannon / A.B. Stoddard

The final hurdles for the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court as nearly a half million documents on Kavanaugh’s background aren’t enough for supporting his background. The White House is citing ‘executive privilege’ as reason for withholding approximately 100 thousand records about Kavanaugh. Senator Chuck Schumer says the Trump administration is hiding something.

Now that Senator John McCain has been buried, who will take his place? McCain planned his own funeral and memorial services and excluded President Trump, but did invite former Presidents Bush and Obama.

With the final primary races in the can, Florida had a shocking outcome as Tallahassee Mayor, Andrew Gillum took the Democrats gubernatorial primary election from expected winner Gwendolyn Graham. He will now face Republican Ron DeSantis in the fall election.