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Eric Segall: “Never ever, give a government official with unreviewable authority power for life.”


Big John and Ramblin Ray’ discuss the reactions of Bret Kavanaugh being confirmed for the Supreme Court with Eric Segall, from GSU Law.  Plus a bigger understanding on how one in the Supreme Court determines when to retire.

Tom Bevan (10/07/2018) – Carl Cannon / John Kass – The Brett Kavanaugh Vote

Tom Bevan (10/07/2018) – Carl Cannon / John Kass

Carl Cannon covers the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court story and the Senate’s vote to appoint him.  Tom updates us on the after vote fallout and what he calls the “Kavanaugh Effect” in the fall elections. The Real Clear Politics “POLL” has some surprising results and more changes might be along the way.  John Kass reviews the Jason Van Dike conviction and verdict announcement, as well as the way this case has and will impact the mayoral election.

Tom Bevan Show (9/9/18) John Kass / Carl Cannon / Charles Lipson

Tom Bevan Show (9/9/18) John Kass / Carl Cannon / Charles Lipson –

On a new episode of the Tom Bevan Show, Tom talks to Carl Cannon (Washington Bureau Chief for RealClearPolitics) about the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. Also in today’s show Dr. Charles Lipson (Professor of Political Science at the University of Chicago) joins the program to talk about the media frenzy surrounding excerpts from Bob Woodward’s scathing new book. John Kass (Columnist for the Chicago Tribune) joins the show to talk about his candidacy for Chicago mayor.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh and the potential future of the Supreme Court. 


Big John and Ramblin’ Ray are joined by Eric Segall, a Professor of Law at Georgia State. He talks about President Trumps SCOTUS pick Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Speaking about the reactions of conservatives and liberals, and the potential future of the Supreme Court.

Tom Bevan Show (07/01/18)

Tom Bevan and the Real Clear Politics team of contributors discuss the retirement announcement made by U.S. Supreme Court Judge, Anthony Kennedy earlier this week. Ford O’Connell (Political analyst, Republican strategist and conservative activist) weighs in with speculation about replacement candidates.  A.B. Stoddard (Associate Editor at RealClearPolitics​.com) notes that President Trump might be picking as many as four (4) replacements in this term.  Eric Kohn (Marketing Manager at the Illinois Policy Institute) covers a decision in the Illinois Supreme Court covering “Fair Share” fees for public sector union employees.  The decision allows non-union members to avoid paying the union for it’s work.  Caitlin Huey-Burns (National Political Reporter for RealClearPolitics.com) updates the congressional primaries held last week where one notable name was bounced by a novice candidate.  Incumbent democrats are apparently being slowly replaced by younger and more socialist thinkers.

Public unions new reality after Supreme Court ruling with Janus’ Attorney and Mark Mix

Big John & Ramblin’ Ray talk with Janus’ Attorney Jacob Huebert, and Mark Mix who is the President of the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation. They inform us what is happening after the Supreme Court ruled that non-union workers cannot be forced to pay fees to public sector unions.

Illinois Supreme Court strikes down Chicago rental car tax

CHICAGO (AP) — The Illinois Supreme Court says Chicago can’t force companies to slap a tax on residents who rent cars in the suburbs.

The court says there could be “serious problems” if other cities had the same policy.

Chicago levied a 9 percent tax at car rental companies within 3 miles of the city limits. The Chicago Tribune says the city assumed that a Chicago resident was using the rental car more than half the time in the city.

Enterprise and Hertz filed a lawsuit. A Cook County judge struck down the tax, but an appellate court reversed the decision. The state Supreme Court overturned that ruling Friday.

Chicago defended the tax, saying residents who rent cars nearby should pay a tax for city services.


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Kirk Protesters Despite Support of Vote on SCOTUS Nominee

By Nick Gale, WLS News

(CHICAGO)  A group of activists, including those of Move On Dot Org, who want Senate Republicans to vote on the president’s Supreme Court nominee, protested outside of Sen. Mark Kirk’s Chicago office, despite Kirk being one of the only Republicans to say his colleagues should vote.

Kirk told WLS-AM 890 Friday that his colleagues should “man up” and vote on President Barack Obama’s nominee Merrick Garland. So why the protest?

Robert Naiman is a Move On Dot Org volunteer who drove up from Urbana for Monday’s demonstration. He say’s he’s delighted that Kirk has been a standout on the issue, but says that’s not the end of the story. He says Kirk must pressure Senate leaders, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, for a vote.

“So I would ask people of Chicago to keep up the pressure on Mark Kirk until there is a vote on the nomination of Merrick Garland,” Naiman said. “Mark Kirk is not off the hook until there is a vote on the nomination.”

McConnell, who has said the next president should make the nomination, told Garland Thursday that he would not be meeting with him. Garland is a 1970 graduate of Niles West High School.

@ WLS-AM NEWS, 2016