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Tom Bevan Show (10/28/18) – A.B. Stoddard / Steve Cortes / Carl Cannon – Pipe Bombs and Antisemitism Hate Just Days Before the Midterm Elections

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Tom Bevan Show (10/28/18) – A.B. Stoddard / Steve Cortes / Carl Cannon – Pipe Bombs and Antisemitism Hate Just Days Before the Midterm Elections

What did you learn today with Big John and Ramblin’ Ray? (10-15-18)

Big John and Ramblin’ Ray get into last nights ’60 Minutes’ interview with President Donald Trump, then go into SNL’s open with President Trump and Kanye West.

Learn about the celebrity couple that called off their engagement and the Chicago Bears. Plus did Ray’s ancestry test really show that he’s related to John?

Tom Bevan (10/07/2018) – Carl Cannon / John Kass – The Brett Kavanaugh Vote

Tom Bevan (10/07/2018) – Carl Cannon / John Kass

Carl Cannon covers the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court story and the Senate’s vote to appoint him.  Tom updates us on the after vote fallout and what he calls the “Kavanaugh Effect” in the fall elections. The Real Clear Politics “POLL” has some surprising results and more changes might be along the way.  John Kass reviews the Jason Van Dike conviction and verdict announcement, as well as the way this case has and will impact the mayoral election.

Tom Bevan Show (09/30/2018) – A.B. Stoddard / Josh Kraushaar / Bill Whalen – The Wild Week of Brett Kavanaugh plus it’s impact on the upcoming elections.

Tom Bevan Show (09/30/2018) – A.B. Stoddard / Josh Kraushaar / Bill Whalen – The Wild Week of Brett Kavanaugh plus it’s impact on the upcoming elections.

A.B. Stoddard is an Associate Editor at Real Clear Politics.

Josh Kraushaar Political Editor for National Journal.

Bill Whalen is a research fellow at the Hoover Institution.

Tom Bevan Show (9/9/18) John Kass / Carl Cannon / Charles Lipson

Tom Bevan Show (9/9/18) John Kass / Carl Cannon / Charles Lipson –

On a new episode of the Tom Bevan Show, Tom talks to Carl Cannon (Washington Bureau Chief for RealClearPolitics) about the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. Also in today’s show Dr. Charles Lipson (Professor of Political Science at the University of Chicago) joins the program to talk about the media frenzy surrounding excerpts from Bob Woodward’s scathing new book. John Kass (Columnist for the Chicago Tribune) joins the show to talk about his candidacy for Chicago mayor.

Tom Bevan Show (09/02/2018) – Carrie Severino / Carl Cannon / A.B. Stoddard

Tom Bevan Show (09/02/2018) – Carrie Severino / Carl Cannon / A.B. Stoddard

The final hurdles for the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court as nearly a half million documents on Kavanaugh’s background aren’t enough for supporting his background. The White House is citing ‘executive privilege’ as reason for withholding approximately 100 thousand records about Kavanaugh. Senator Chuck Schumer says the Trump administration is hiding something.

Now that Senator John McCain has been buried, who will take his place? McCain planned his own funeral and memorial services and excluded President Trump, but did invite former Presidents Bush and Obama.

With the final primary races in the can, Florida had a shocking outcome as Tallahassee Mayor, Andrew Gillum took the Democrats gubernatorial primary election from expected winner Gwendolyn Graham. He will now face Republican Ron DeSantis in the fall election.

Tom Bevan Show (08/19/2018) – Steve Cortes / Charles Lipson / Carl Cannon

Tom Bevan Show (08/19/2018) – Steve Cortes / Charles Lipson / Carl Cannon

Trump’s war on the media has been non-stop since the campaign began and there are no signs of it coming to an end. Now a planned protest of articles by members of the media have only pushed the battle further.

John Brennan wants to sue President Donald Trump after the revocation of Brennan’s security clearance and claims the action was a retaliatory action and an attempt to silence complaints about Trump.

New York’s Governor, Andrew Cuomo made a statement last week in which he said, “We’re not going to make America great again; it was never that great.” Was that a mistake and will it hurt his future political career?

Tom Bevan Show (08/12/2018) – Caitlin Huey-Burns / A.B. Stoddard / Kristen McQueary / Carl Cannon

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Tom Bevan Show (08/12/2018) – Caitlin Huey-Burns / A.B. Stoddard / Kristen McQueary / Carl Cannon

Seg #1 – Caitlin Huey-Burns – A tight runoff election in Ohio’s 12th District between Republican Troy Balderson who had 50 percent, (101,574 votes), while Democrat Danny O’Connor had 49 percent (99,820 votes). With the decision still awaiting a final tally, the outcome is a strong alarm to GOP leaders who need to save the seat when it comes up again in the fall general election. Can Democrats find enough votes to take the seat away after 35 years of Republican control.

Seg #2 – A.B. Stoddard – The successor for Speaker of the House, currently held by Wisconsin Representative, Paul Ryan heats up as expected successor Kevin McCarthy confronts President Donald Trump’s support of Ohio Representative, Jim Jordan who added his name into the consideration list last week. On the other side of the aisle, can Nancy Pellosi keep her seat as Minority Leader and who (if anybody) could take her place?

Seg #3 – Kristen McQueary – Chicago Mayor, Rahm Emanuel has a gang and crime problem and while he acknowledges the situation, it appears that he can only push the blame to others, including Governor, Bruce Rauner. With calls for his resignation from religious leaders and challenges from nine declared candidates currently running against him; Emanuel has several battles to fight in addition to ramping up his re-election campaign.

Seg #4 – Carl Cannon – Infowars and it’s mouthpiece, Alex Jones has has several social media accounts (Facebook, iTunes, YouTube, Pinterest, MailChimp, and more) suspended or postings pulled because of their content which have been classified as “hate speech” and “misinformation”. Where do these organizations draw the line between free speech and censorship and are they playing by the same rules? The first few pre-season games in the NFL’s new season have taken place and player protests during the National Anthem continued… as did President Trump’s comments about it.

Tom Bevan Show (08/05/2018) – Carl Cannon / Charles Lipson / Joel Kotkin

Tom Bevan Show (08/05/2018) – Carl Cannon / Charles Lipson / Joel Kotkin

President Trump insists that “Fake News” is the downfall of the enemy of the American people.  Sarah Sanders had her speech ready during a White House press briefing this past week.  Is the media animosity against the Trump administration anything new?  Trump thinks the fake news from negative press might actually cause a war.

Ohio will be holding a special election on Tuesday to determine the future of a longtime GOP held seat in Congress.  Poll results say the contest is a tie; can President Trump help keep the seat?

Is there a new “McCarthyism” growing in the United States and the journalistic threats to free expression in the country?  With the Internet archiving just about everything someone says and posts, we are seeing a dramatic increase of past political commentary and opinion being dredged up in efforts to take down business leaders, politicians, and even respected Hollywood elite.

Connected to Chicago (07-29-2018) Special Guest: Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi

Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi was raised in Peoria and attended Princeton and Harvard. Raja, influenced by Barack Obama, now represents the 8th District for Illinois. Can President Trump and his tax reforms be given any credit to the current economic recovery or was the ball already rolling from the Obama administration? Tax cuts have been helpful, but there is a strong possibility that Americans will be paying for these tax cuts for many years to come. Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi sits on the Oversight Committee thinks the proposed GOP impeachment of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is just the newest in a long series of Republican attempts to undermine, discredit, and disrupt the Mueller investigation. Close to home, Rep. Krishnamoorthi is concerned about reports Heartland Alliance, which has been accused of abuse of children being sheltered there by the separation of immigrant families by the Trump administration.

In this week’s round table segment, Bill Cameron is joined by Ray Long of the Chicago Tribune, Greg Hinz of Crains, Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun-Times, and Heather Cherone of the Daily Line. Topics discussed include: President Trump and his visit to southern Illinois on Thursday to tout his economic re-development and tariffs. Do these new tariffs help or hurt Illinois businesses and residents. 30% of the congressman’s constituents are foreign born, and he says that many of them are concerned about their future and the ability of others to immigrate into the country.

This week’s community spotlight segment is from Jennifer Keiper.  Robert Mendez, Organizer, Illinois Peruvian American Medical Society.  A group of Peruvian and American health care professionals and volunteers from Illinois make up the Illinois Peruvian American Medical Society, a non-profit organization that has and outdoor event coming up. 5k for Peru Committee Chairman, Robert Mendez, says the August 5th race, in downtown Chicago, helps raise funds for Doctors here in Chicago to go to Peru to offer medical services in impoverished areas. Mendez talks about the groups’ work and the need for volunteers.

Tom Bevan Show (07/22/2018) – Steve Cortez / John Kass / Carl Cannon

Steve Cortez – Why President Donald Trump is not a secret agent for Russia.  Chicago Tribyne columnist

John Kass –  Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s reaction and response to shootings in the city just might be a prediction of his next election.

Carl Cannon – ‘The Deep State’ and how John Brennan and James Comey are pushing Americans to vote for Democrats in the next presidential election.  Bret Kavanaughhas been nominated to the U.S. Supreme court, but it appears the Democrats can’t find anything negative in his past.

Tom Bevan Show (07/01/18)

Tom Bevan and the Real Clear Politics team of contributors discuss the retirement announcement made by U.S. Supreme Court Judge, Anthony Kennedy earlier this week. Ford O’Connell (Political analyst, Republican strategist and conservative activist) weighs in with speculation about replacement candidates.  A.B. Stoddard (Associate Editor at RealClearPolitics​.com) notes that President Trump might be picking as many as four (4) replacements in this term.  Eric Kohn (Marketing Manager at the Illinois Policy Institute) covers a decision in the Illinois Supreme Court covering “Fair Share” fees for public sector union employees.  The decision allows non-union members to avoid paying the union for it’s work.  Caitlin Huey-Burns (National Political Reporter for RealClearPolitics.com) updates the congressional primaries held last week where one notable name was bounced by a novice candidate.  Incumbent democrats are apparently being slowly replaced by younger and more socialist thinkers.

Tom Bevan Show (6/24/18)

On this weekends episode of the Tom Bevan Show, Tom talks about the biggest topic for the past week, immigrant border separation with Real Clear Politics contributor, Steve Cortez.  The battle for U.S. Senate seats heats up, David Byler (Chief Elections Analyst and a Staff Writer for The Weekly Standard) gives us some pre-election insights. Carl Cannon (Washington Bureau Chief for Real Clear Politics) talks about White House Spokesperson, Sarah Huckabee Sanders being asked to leave a restaurant in Lexington, Virginia.  Also, the passing of Charles Krauthammer.

‘SNL’ tackles the raid on Michael Cohen

[van id=”cnnmoney/2018/04/15/snl-michael-cohen-raid-ben-stiller-robert-de-niro-abc-orig-vstan.cnn”]


Actors Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller made surprise appearances on “Saturday Night Live” to spoof the FBI raid on President Donald Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen.


Connected to Chicago (12-24-2017)

Connected to Chicago (12-24-2017)

Bill Cameron sits down with the Chairman of the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) Board of Directors, Kirk Dillard. Topics include: The latest AMTRAK derailment and how it might have been prevented with “Positive Train Control” systems. How are Chicago’s commuter railways progressing with their installation of these systems. Rate Increases on the CTA & METRA and broader political topics including Bruce Rauner’s chances against his challenger in the upcoming primary election, Jeanne Ives. What does the future hold for the Illinois GOP?

In this week’s round table segment, Bill Cameron is joined by Ray Long of the Chicago Tribune, Greg Hinz of Crain’s, and Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun Times. The Tax Reform Bill: Who does it help and who gets hurt? Immigration: Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, (‘Dreamers’) are waiting to see of Congress can achieve “Dream Act” legislation to save them. The Legionnaires’ disease outbreak at the state run Quincy Veterans Home might hurt the Bruce Rauner campaign. Did he wait too long and are his latest comments enough response.

This week’s Community Spotlight segment covers a press announcement by Governor Bruce Rauner and Alsip Deputy Police Chief Bob Ricker. Along with other state officials and Emergency Responders, they outline plans by the state police for road patrols and changes for disability placard applications. Jennifer Keiper reports.

Tom Bevan (12/10/17) Caitlin Huey-Burns, Sean M. Davis, Peter Berkowitz, & Carl Cannon.

Tom Bevan Edidor of Real Clear Politics, covers the big changes in the U.S. Senate this past week and the special election for the next senator from Alabama which happens on Tuesday. Guests include:

Segment 1:  Caitlin Huey-Burns talks about the Alabama Senate Race.

Segment 2: Sean M. Davis reviews the latest Media mistakes and errors in their coverage of the political scene.

Segment 3: Peter Berkowitz has the details on President Trump’s decision to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

Segment 4: Carl Cannon covers the resignation announcements from Senator, Franken and Congressman, Trent Franks. And has a few thoughts about former Public Radio star, Garrison Keillor.

Tom Bevan (12/03/17)

Tom Bevan (12/03/17)


Steve Cortes, Fox News contributor and former Trump campaign operative and spokesman for the Hispanic 100.
Tim Kane, the JP Conte Fellow in Immigration Studies at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University.
John Kass, Columnist for the Chicago Tribune.
Carl Cannon, Contributor to Real Clear Politics.

Tom Bevan (10/22) Guests: Tuxedo Guy, Josh Kraushaur and Charles Lipson

Tom Bevan (10/22) Guests: Tuxedo Guy, Josh Kraushaar and Charles Lipson. Chicago Cubs have a new fan in the stands. Trump versus Democrat Congresswoman, Rep. Frederica Wilson. GOP congressional candidates have a strong opposition from Democrat challengers who have large amounts of campaign funding support.

“Tuxedo Guy and Tom Bevan”. Photo: Twitter.

Connected to Chicago (10-22-2017)

Connected to Chicago (10-01-2017) – John Dempsey in for Bill Cameron. Guest Newsmaker – Illinois State Senator Kwame Raoul. John Dempsey talks to the Senator who is running for the office of Attorney General in 2018.

In this week’s round table discussion,Ray Long of the Chicago Tribune, Greg Hinz of Crain’s, and Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun Times get to tell the truth about local and national politics.  Reaction to President Trump’s condolence call to the widow of a slain soldier.  Illinois Congressman, Peter Roskam has been quiet about making any public comment about President Trump, and could be trying to distance himself from Trump in anticipation of the 2018 elections.  Earlier this week Chicago Mayor, Rahm Emanuel and Illinois Governor, Bruce Rauner announced the creation of the ‘South Loop Tech Hub’ a facility along the Chicago River which might be a prospective home to Amazon.com.  Is Chicago even in the running for this Amazon facility?

Jennifer Keiper talks to Better Business Bureau’s CEO Steve Bernas about the BBB’s new survey on cyber crime that finds over 90% of all business hacks begin with a phishing e-mail that often contain ransomware. Typically, cyber crime losses are the losses of the business owners. When the big guys, like Equifax, can’t protect themselves, how can small business do it? Bernas also talks about the BBB’s cyber-panels held in the Chicago area.