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Tom Bevan Show (08/12/2018) – Caitlin Huey-Burns / A.B. Stoddard / Kristen McQueary / Carl Cannon

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Tom Bevan Show (08/12/2018) – Caitlin Huey-Burns / A.B. Stoddard / Kristen McQueary / Carl Cannon

Seg #1 – Caitlin Huey-Burns – A tight runoff election in Ohio’s 12th District between Republican Troy Balderson who had 50 percent, (101,574 votes), while Democrat Danny O’Connor had 49 percent (99,820 votes). With the decision still awaiting a final tally, the outcome is a strong alarm to GOP leaders who need to save the seat when it comes up again in the fall general election. Can Democrats find enough votes to take the seat away after 35 years of Republican control.

Seg #2 – A.B. Stoddard – The successor for Speaker of the House, currently held by Wisconsin Representative, Paul Ryan heats up as expected successor Kevin McCarthy confronts President Donald Trump’s support of Ohio Representative, Jim Jordan who added his name into the consideration list last week. On the other side of the aisle, can Nancy Pellosi keep her seat as Minority Leader and who (if anybody) could take her place?

Seg #3 – Kristen McQueary – Chicago Mayor, Rahm Emanuel has a gang and crime problem and while he acknowledges the situation, it appears that he can only push the blame to others, including Governor, Bruce Rauner. With calls for his resignation from religious leaders and challenges from nine declared candidates currently running against him; Emanuel has several battles to fight in addition to ramping up his re-election campaign.

Seg #4 – Carl Cannon – Infowars and it’s mouthpiece, Alex Jones has has several social media accounts (Facebook, iTunes, YouTube, Pinterest, MailChimp, and more) suspended or postings pulled because of their content which have been classified as “hate speech” and “misinformation”. Where do these organizations draw the line between free speech and censorship and are they playing by the same rules? The first few pre-season games in the NFL’s new season have taken place and player protests during the National Anthem continued… as did President Trump’s comments about it.