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Tom Bevan Show (09/23/2018) – Ford O’Connell/Kyle-Political editor /Charles Lipson/Mark-Author.

Tom Bevan Show (09/23/2018) – Ford O’Connell/Kyle-Political editor /Charles Lipson/Mark-Author. Today Tom speaks with Ford O’Connell the Republican strategist. Also Tom speaks with Kyle the political editor of the National Journal. Then Charles Lipson professor of political science at the University of Chicago joins the show. Finally Mark discusses his new book, “Big Game”.

Tom Bevan Show (07/29/2018) – Ford O’Connell / Kyle Trygstad / A.B. Stoddard

Tom Bevan Show (07/29/2018) – Ford O’Connell / Kyle Trygstad / A.B. Stoddard

GDP (Gross Domestic Product) numbers came out and they exceeded expectations.  Do voters realize how this economic growth translates to more job opportunity and bigger paychecks?

Primary elections are almost over and campaigns are taking shape for the fall elections.  State Governors and politicians on Capitol Hill are preparing for big fights this fall.

Another incident in the White House created by a media member who wouldn’t follow the rules, lands them banned from future events.  Will the media screamers learn patience, obedience, and decorum?

Tom Bevan Show (07/01/18)

Tom Bevan and the Real Clear Politics team of contributors discuss the retirement announcement made by U.S. Supreme Court Judge, Anthony Kennedy earlier this week. Ford O’Connell (Political analyst, Republican strategist and conservative activist) weighs in with speculation about replacement candidates.  A.B. Stoddard (Associate Editor at RealClearPolitics​.com) notes that President Trump might be picking as many as four (4) replacements in this term.  Eric Kohn (Marketing Manager at the Illinois Policy Institute) covers a decision in the Illinois Supreme Court covering “Fair Share” fees for public sector union employees.  The decision allows non-union members to avoid paying the union for it’s work.  Caitlin Huey-Burns (National Political Reporter for RealClearPolitics.com) updates the congressional primaries held last week where one notable name was bounced by a novice candidate.  Incumbent democrats are apparently being slowly replaced by younger and more socialist thinkers.