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Eric Segall: “Never ever, give a government official with unreviewable authority power for life.”


Big John and Ramblin Ray’ discuss the reactions of Bret Kavanaugh being confirmed for the Supreme Court with Eric Segall, from GSU Law.  Plus a bigger understanding on how one in the Supreme Court determines when to retire.

President Trump, never had a glass of alcohol?


Big John and Ramblin’ Ray dive into their own history with drinking as President Trump makes statements about how he doesn’t drink. This all comes from Bret Kavanaugh saying how he feels about beer. Plus more on President Trump commenting on Kavanaugh’s case.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh and the potential future of the Supreme Court. 


Big John and Ramblin’ Ray are joined by Eric Segall, a Professor of Law at Georgia State. He talks about President Trumps SCOTUS pick Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Speaking about the reactions of conservatives and liberals, and the potential future of the Supreme Court.