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Chicago Alderman on Trump Tweets

By Bill Cameron, WLS-AM 890 News
(CHICAGO) At City Hall, Bill Cameron says an alderman who answers Trump Tweets with Tweets of his own is predicting the chances are not great that the president will actually serve out his full four-year term.
Trump keeps Tweeting and downtown Alderman Brendan Reilly keeps cringing.  “It’s, it’s scary.  You wake up every morning cringing to find out what’s coming next from the White House,” said Reilly.
Bill Cameron:  Is he the President or does he just play one on TV?
Ald. Brendan Reilly:  “Well some might suggest that Mr. Bannon is actually the President.  Hard to say. He’s got all sorts of ethical questions surrounding his office.  It seems like nearly every member of his cabinet has one relationship or another with Russian operatives, former KGB agents, or business people.”
Bill Cameron:  “Would you be surprised if he serves out his term?”
Ald. Brendan Reilly:  “I think it’s a 50-50 proposition at this point, if I had to lay down odds.”

Chicago Police Oversight Hearing Today

By Bill Cameron, WLS-AM 890

(CHICAGO) At City Hall this morning there will be a police oversight hearing staged by the mayor’s critics.
The Progressive Caucus of the City Council thinks Emanuel’s police oversight hearings have been a sham, so this one’s the second of their competing forums.
Ald. Scott Waguespack (32nd) has been saying a number of activist voices need to be heard.
“There’s  groups like the Community Renewal Society, the Invisible Institute, have been offering ideas.  The Chicago Justice Project. All of these people have been offering ideas, very good ideas, for several years and they’ve been ignored,” Waguespack said. “They’ve been pushed back, told to go back into the shadows and, ‘we’ll deal with this  ourselves’ and look where it led us.”
Bowing to pressure like this, the mayor has a new round of hearings which are more inclusive.

More Trash Talk at Chicago’s City Hall

By Bill Cameron, WLS News

At a city budget hearing which began today, they’re already talking about changes to the most controversial money-raising proposal in the mayor’s bad news budget.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s proposed $9.50 per month household garbage pickup fee may go up or down dependent upon how much garbage a household generates. City budget director Alex Holt told the alderman it might make sense to charge the fee per garbage cart at each home.

“If we went to a cart based fee structure, you could actually give people who, ya know, got the one cart and the one recycling, you could give them a discount off of the $9.50. The other way to do it is to say that everybody gets ‘x’ number of carts, say two per household and two recycling- I’m making that up, I’m not saying that’s the right number- and that anything more than that gets charged an additional fee,” said Holt.

But before anything changes the city is trying to figure out how many carts each household is using now.


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