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Chicago Tribune endorses Gary Johnson for President

By John Dempsey, WLS-AM News

(CHICAGO) Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson got a major boost to his struggling campaign on Friday as he received the endorsement of the Chicago Tribune. The Tribune wrote that Republican Donald Trump is unfit to be President and has neither the character nor the prudent disposition for the job. The editorial said Democrat Hillary Clinton, while being capable of leading the United States, is proposing “orgies of spending, and taxing, that simply will … not … happen”, and that Clinton has an “up-to-the-present history of egregiously erasing the truth.”

The Tribune calls Johnson and running mate William Weld, “moderate Republicans” who are “agile, practical and, unlike the major-party candidates, experienced at managing governments.”

Johnson reacted to the news in an interview with John Howell and Ray Stevens on WLS, saying “Oh my gosh that’s really, that’s fantastic. It’s unbelievable.”

Listen to the full conversation on the Big John and Ray podcast page .

The Chicago Tribune endorsement did not mention Johnson’s much publicized recent brain freezes on MSNBC, first when he admitted never having heard of the Syrian city of Aleppo, and this past week when he could not name a single foreign leader he admires.

Johnson talked about those problems in the WLS interview, saying “You know we’re human in this process and that was my problem, two days later I’m still thinking of a world leader right now that I do look up to. That isn’t to say that there are a lot out there that don’t have wonderful qualities but who do you look up to, who do you admire?”

Johnson was shut out of the first Presidential debate this past Monday because he failed to score above 15 percent in five key national polls.

However Johnson told WLS he hopes the Tribune endorsement prompts other influential newspapers to follow suit, and increase his visibility.

“Currently there’s still 65, 70 percent of America doesn’t even know who we are, so yeah this goes a long way and certainly the Tribune is weighing in here as heavily as they possibly can so, oh my gosh thank you. Thank you for the Tribune’s leadership.”

Read the Chicago Tribune endorsement of Gary Johnson here:


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Big John & Ray Break The Chicago Tribune’s Endorsement To Governor Gary Johnson

Governor Gary Johnson’s campaign manager was awakened early this morning by WLS AM’s John Howell and Ray Stevens to break the news that the Chicago Tribune had endorsed their candidate. Governor Johnson joined the show soon after in an exclusive interview with WLS. Howell finished the interview by asking Johnson if he could “name a newspaper he really respects.”
Laughingly, Johnson responded by saying, “I think I’ll probably be getting a subscription later on today to the Tribune.”

Read more from WLS-AM’s John Dempsey here.

Gary Johnson struggles to name a world leader he respects

By Eli Watkins, CNN
Gary Johnson is trying to be a major figure on the world stage, and it doesn’t sound like he’s doing it for the company.
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The Libertarian presidential nominee was asked by MSNBC’s Chris Matthews during a town hall forum to name his “favorite foreign leader.”
Johnson began to restate the question, and Matthews interrupted: “Any one of the continents, any country. Name one foreign leader that you respect and look up to, anybody.”
The former New Mexico governor sighed, and his running mate, former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld, said his would be Shimon Peres, the recently deceased Israeli statesman.
“I’m talking about living. You gotta do this. Anywhere, any continent. Canada, Mexico, Europe, over there, Asia, South America, Africa. Name a foreign leader that you respect,” Matthews said.
Johnson, still struggling to answer the question, offered: “I guess I’m having an Aleppo moment … the former president of Mexico.”
The third party candidate was referencing his now infamous on-air appearance from the beginning of September when he responded to a question about Aleppo — a city at the center of Syria’s civil war and the heart of a refugee crisis as a result — asking: “What is Aleppo?”
His failure to identify a city that has become a focal point of the war in Syria, its human toll and resulting refugee crisis, signaled to many he was lacking in basic foreign policy knowledge.
On Wednesday, as Johnson continued to struggle with the “favorite world leader” question, calling it a “brain freeze,” Weld offered up “Vicente Fox,” the former president of Mexico who has become among the most outspoken critics of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.
Johnson confirmed Fox was the leader he was thinking of, and Weld went on to say his favorite living world leader was German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

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Gary Johnson wins Libertarian presidential nomination, Weld chosen for VP

By Eli Watkins, CNN
Libertarians on Sunday selected former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson as their party’s presidential nominee and ex-Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld as the vice presidential nominee, at their party convention in Orlando, Florida.
Johnson was the party’s nominee in 2012 and once again won the position despite backlash from the party’s more radical Libertarian wing.
In the first round of voting, Johnson reached 49.5 percent of the vote, according to the official party total, just shy of the majority needed for victory. His nearest opponents, Austin Petersen and John McAfee, reached 21 and 14 percent respectively. On the second round of voting, Johnson clinched the nomination with 55.8 percent of the vote. But his preferred choice for the vice-presidential nomination, Weld, also came up just short of 50 percent on the first round of balloting, leading to a second vote, which he won with just over 50 percent of the vote.
Thanking the Libertarian delegates after his victory, Johnson played up his general election chances.
“At a minimum, I think we’re in the presidential debates,” Johnson said to cheers.
Many Libertarian activists were skeptical of Weld, arguing his 1991-97 gubernatorial tenure saw too much growth in government and new gun control measures. But Johnson argued Weld could bring momentum and fundraising power to the Libertarian ticket, and the delegates obliged him.
“I pledge to you that I will stay with the Libertarian Party for life,” Weld said before the vice presidential nominating contest.
The convention at times got rowdy. Many candidates issued lengthy protests and changed strategies throughout the day.
Delegates stormed through the halls with signs and chants. At one point, a man did a striptease on stage until he sat before the audience — and live television — in nothing but his underwear.
“Never underestimate the ability of Libertarians to shoot themselves in the foot,” said Christopher Barber, a delegate from Georgia, said before and after the display on stage.
Libertarian National Committee chair Nicholas Sarwark spoke to press following the nomination process, discussing the Libertarian Party’s outreach and fundraising efforts. Sarwark said the party had established a “back channel” to the Koch brothers, in the hopes the wealthy libertarian-leaning funders donate to the Libertarian Party. Sarwark also said he had been speaking to Matt Kibbe, former president of conservative advocacy group Freedomworks, about supporting the party’s nominee.
Johnson blasted the “rigged nature” of the general election debate process and repeatedly called for inclusion in more national polling surveys. Strong showings there would increase his chances of inclusion in the official presidential debates.
“This is another voice at the table,” Johnson said. “How about some skeptic at the table when it comes to these military interventions?”
Johnson received almost 1 percent of the general election vote in 2012, but said that in a year of unpopular offerings from the Democratic and Republican parties, he stands a chance of breaking through.
A recent national poll had Johnson receiving 10 percent of support from registered voters, drawing his strongest support from respondents under 35. Another national poll showed 44 percent of registered voters would want a third party to run against Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee, and Hillary Clinton, the likely Democratic nominee.
The Libertarian Party is the only third party with ballot access in 50 states. This means Johnson will be the only alternative to Trump and Clinton available to all voters in this election.
When it came to Trump, Johnson got fired up and said the presumptive Republican nominee’s immigration policies are “just racist.”
The billionaire real estate mogul has been a frequent target of criticism across the convention. Convention-goers have taken issue in particular with Trump’s stated positions on immigration, international trade and national security — all of which stand in firm opposition to a party that tends to favor lax immigration restrictions, free trade and is skeptical of military intervention. Petersen, one of the presidential candidates who lost to Johnson, called Trump a fascist, a term regularly echoed throughout the convention.
At one point on Sunday, an announcer told the convention that Trump had begun attacking Johnson and Weld. The audience roared in approval at the news. It was not immediately apparent what attacks the announcer was referring to, but in a statement to the New York Times about Weld, Trump said, “I don’t talk about his alcoholism.”
Just before the nomination vote, Johnson said if he were to win the nomination, he would head to New York on Monday for media opportunities.
Johnson, who served as New Mexico governor as a Republican from 1995-2003, said too few people knew what a Libertarian is, and that his job is to change that.


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