Preschool Teachers Made Kids Stand Naked in Closet As Punishment

Teachers apart of a preschool program in St. Louis are facing disciplinary action after punishing students in their classroom.

The teachers allegedly made students strip down naked when they misbehaved.

Police believe some students were as young as 4 years old.

The teachers are now on administrative leave while officials investigate.



Woman Nearly Dies After Injecting Fruit Juice

A Chinese woman nearly died after injecting fruit juice into her veins in an effort to get healthy.

The 51-year-old woman, named Zeng, used an IV drip to inject juice from 20 different fruits. She was rushed to a hospital, where doctors say the juice caused damage to her heart, kidney, and liver. Dialysis was used to clear the juice out of her bloodstream and her condition improved after five days.

The woman said she injected the fruits because she wanted an ‘immediate result from them’ and said she didn’t think they’d be harmful because they were fresh.



Mike Pence To Visit Nebraska Flooding Victims

Vice President Mike Pence is headed to Nebraska to survey the damage done by historic flooding in the region.

74 towns in 65 counties are under a state of emergency due to flooding from the Missouri River, which has led to at least four deaths, thousands of evacuations and caused nearly a billion dollars in property damage.

Pence will meet with Nebraksa Governor Pete Ricketts and Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds. FEMA officials plan to request a presidential emergency declaration to aid the region.



The Government Will Give You Money To Adopt A Wild Horse

Want $1000 from the federal government? All you have to do is adopt a wild horse.

The Bureau of Land Management is launching an Adoption Incentive Program that will offer up to $1,000 for anyone who adopts a wild horse or burro and gives it a good home.

The agency says the goal is to promote adoption and help reduce the country’s overpopulation of wild horses and burros, which is a problem for public rangelands.



Unvaccinated Teen Sues Health Department

A Kentucky high school senior is suing the local Health Department after it banned him and other unvaccinated students from attending school.

Jerome Kunkel is claiming religious discrimination, saying his refusal to be vaccinated for chickenpox is due to his Christian faith. His father claimed that the chickenpox vaccine was made with “aborted fetuses”.

Last week, the Northern Kentucky Health Department announced the ban as the area deals with a chickenpox outbreak that has affected 32 people so far.



​Eddie Read says there’s a silent majority that will win it for Preckwinkle

In the race for mayor, Bill Cameron says one long-time leader in the black independent poliitcal movement thinks Toni Preckwinkle – not Lori Lightfoot – is going to win the April 2nd runoff election.

Not everybody thinks Lori Lightfoot has the unstoppable momentum to win. Eddie Read of the Black Independent Political Organization says there’s a silent majority out there for Preckwinkle, and listen who he compares the situation to.

“I think this is gonna be like Donald Trump. The people on the ground – rural white folks – voted for Donald Trump. They didn’t say thing about it. I think that’s what’s gonna happen here in the black community. People are not gonna say what they’re gonna do about Toni. They understand Toni has come before the people for 25 years. They didn’t reject her the last 25 years! Why reject her now?”

Eddie Read was a big Harold Washington backer and so his take is not to be ignored.


Preckwinkle backs Foxx on Smollett move

In the race for mayor, Bill Cameron says Toni Preckwinkle is backing States Attorney Foxx’s decision to intervene in the Jussie Smollett case.

Foxx asked Police Supt Eddie Johnson to transfer the Smollett case to the FBI at the request of Obama ally Tina Tchen.
Now Preckwinkle is saying her protege Kim Foxx made a good decision.
“I have great confidence in States Atty Foxx and I believe she made the right decision in this instance.
Cameron: Why do you think she made the right decision?

Preckwinkle: I think it was the right decision because it was the decision that she made and she’s in the best position to make it! (laughter)”
Preckwinkle got questions about the issue at her press conference announcing Congressman Danny Davis’ endorseement.
Lori Lightfoot countered that by announcing Congressman Mike Quigley’s endorsement of her.


Delta Named Best Airline

Based on the number of routes, on-time record and the availability of airport lounges, Delta was named the best airline of 2019 by The Points Guy.

Alaska and Southwest were ranked in the top three.

Factors determining the best airline in this survey included customer satisfaction, comfort, and pricing.

United and Hawaiian Airlines round out the top five best carriers.



Want To Help Bees? Plant These.

Want to help the declining bee pollination population? Plant herbs, which appeal to a wide variety of bees, according to experts that spoke to the AP. Herbs are easy to grow, taste great in food and help bees thrive.

The best herbs to plant for bees are thyme, oregano, rosemary, sage, lavender and chives. Most of the herbs thrive well in small pots and require little maintenance.

Want to increase your chances of bees visiting your yard? Plant bright pink or purple flowers near your herbs since bees are attracted by color rather than smell.



Sexual Assault Survivors Urge NFL to Ban NE’s Kraft from Ownership

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation sent a letter to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell asking the NFL to ban Kraft from team ownership if he is found guilty of two misdemeanor counts of prostitute solicitation.

The letter, sent on behalf of exploitation survivors and advocates, also asks the NFL to suspend Kraft for at least six months worth of games. The letter read “Anything less will send that signal that owners are not held to a higher standard…and that the NFL abets sexual exploitation and trafficking.”

The NFL hasn’t responded to the letter. Kraft’s arraignment is March 28th in Florida. He’s not required to attend court.



This One Tip Could Lead to Better Behavior in Your Kids

According to a new study, consistently putting your children to bed at the same time each night can reduce bad behavior. The new study found kids without consistent bedtimes scored higher on things like unhappiness, fighting and being inconsiderate.

There is good news if you don’t have a regular sleep schedule for your child. The negative effects of inconsistent “nighty-nights” can be reversed by starting a regular schedule ASAP. Regular bed times have a positive effect on a child self-esteem, weight and even math scores.

Toddlers should get 9-11 hours of sleep per night, kids four and over should get 10-13 hours a night, so plan accordingly to give your child the best chance.



Lori Loughlin’s Daughter Reportedly Didn’t Fill Out USC Application

Not only did Lori Loughlin’s daughter get preferential treatment to enter USC, Olivia Jade probably didn’t even fill out the college application.

According to sources, the man who’s being accused of leading the college entrance scandal, William “Rick” Singer, may have helped Olivia filling out the boxes.

Court papers say Loughlin approached Singer for help because she did not want her daughter’s application to look suspicious. Singer allegedly got an employee to complete Olivia’s paperwork.

Loughlin and her husband, Mossimo Giannulli have been accused of paying money to get help get their daughters into USC.



20 Weekend Shootings Reported in Chicago

In a recently-released FBI rundown of America’s most dangerous cities, Chicago didn’t even make the top five. But you wouldn’t know it based on the city’s police reports, which show 20 people were shot over the weekend.

The rash of violence began Friday when five people were shot — one fatally — in separate incidents; another person died and seven others were injured on Saturday; and a third person died in seven shootings reported on Sunday. In one of the incidents, a 62-year-old man was selling corn in a neighborhood on the South Side when he heard gunfire — and then realized he’d been shot in the stomach, police say.

The tally represents an increase over the previous weekend, when one person was killed and 14 were injured in separate shooting incidents in the Windy City.



Pediatrician Accused of Molestation Gets Locked up for Life

A pediatrician charged with molesting several generations of children will likely spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Dr. Johnnie “Jack” Barto, 71, on Monday was sentenced to 79 to 158 years in prison, which Attorney General Josh Shapiro says “virtually guarantees” he’ll be locked up for the rest of his life. The sentence was handed down after 18 of the Pennsylvania doctor’s now-grown victims pleaded with the judge to give him the maximum penalty.

Prosecutors say Barto targeted girls and boys, most of whom were between the ages of 8 and 12 — although one of his alleged victims was only two weeks old. During the trial, Barto’s wife of 48 years turned against him, sitting with the victims when the verdict was read and event asking the judge for justice on their behalf.



Warren Supports Elimination of Electoral College

If Elizabeth Warren has her way, presidential elections in the United States could be tallied very differently with the 2020 Democrat candidate expressing her support for eliminating the Electoral College.

Speaking at a town hall in Mississippi, the Massachusetts Senator told the Jackson State University audience, “My view is that every vote matters and the way we can make that happen is that we can have national voting, and that means get rid of the Electoral College.”

Warren isn’t alone in her push for popular vote counting. Bernie Sanders is also in support, calling the current system “unfair” to many states.

“I think everybody ought to have to come and ask for your vote,” Warren added, noting that the Electoral College allows candidates to only focus on “battleground” states.



Georgia Mother Killed by ‘On-Again, Off-Again’ Boyfriend

A Georgia mother of four is dead after her “on-again, off-again boyfriend” lured her into an ambush by promising her money.

Tynesha Evans, 45, was out running errands with her daughter Saturday when she received a call from 58-year-old Othniel Inniss, who offered to loan money to the budget-strapped woman. “I wanted to get groceries and next thing I know, I come out and my mom is gone,” the daughter, Sharadiant Turner, says. “I called her and asked her where she was, and she said she had to meet him.” Turner says her mom “promised” she’d be right back.

Evans met Inniss at a Wells Fargo bank, where he was supposed to withdraw money, police say. Instead, he reportedly shot her dead. A man who witnessed the shooting held Inniss at gunpoint until officers arrived, according to an Alpharetta Police Department report. He’s been charged with first-degree murder and aggravated assault with a firearm.



Social Media Could Affect Your Social Security Disability Claim

Beware of posting that vacation selfie on social media. It could cost you your social security disability claim if you find yourself unable to work.

While the Social Security Administration already checks what is put on sites like Facebook and Instagram to weed out fraud, the federal agency announced on Monday that they’re expanding their investigations.

In the SSA’s 2020 budget proposal, spokesperson Mark Hinkle said, “We are evaluating how social media could be used by disability adjudicators in assessing the consistency and supportability of evidence in a claimant’s case file.”

Jennifer King, director of consumer privacy at the Center for Internet and Society at Stanford Law School, criticized the idea of checking on what people share on social media noting, “They present an extremely narrow slice of someone’s life.”



Cory Booker Says He’s Not A Socialist

Just because Cory Booker is a Democrat, it doesn’t make him a socialist, says the New Jersey senator and presidential candidate.

Speaking to MSNBC’s Chris Matthews on Monday night, Booker affirmed, “I am for capitalism,” while feeling the current system isn’t working, adding, “Monopolies are not capitalism.”

Booker says companies are the ones receiving government handouts, telling the host, “I’m tired of companies engaging in socialism where they outsource their costs.”

When asked by Matthews, “Are you a socialist?” Booker strongly denied, admitting, “I am not a socialist. I am a Democrat. I believe in fundamental Democratic principles.”



Is Sea Salt Healthier Than Regular Salt?

There are many options when it comes to salt these days, but is there really any difference between them and plain old table salt? While some people claim that sea salt is healthier, that isn’t exactly the case.

According to the Mayo Clinic, salt is pretty much the same when measured by sodium content and basic nutritional value.

However, a study published in the Environmental Science and Technology Journal reveals that sea salt could have a nasty surprise.

Thanks to ocean pollution, many sea salt brands were said to contain plastic microparticles.



NJ Cops Help Autistic Child Find Lost Teddy Bear

A missing teddy bear may not seem like a big deal to some of us, but for an autistic 12-year-old in New Jersey, it was an emergency. So he called 911.

“My teddy bear fell down again. Don’t worry I’ll rescue you again. Goodbye again. See you again,” Ryan Paul told the operator, and then hung up.

As is the policy for disconnected calls to the line, a Woodbridge Township Police Officer was dispatched to the scene.

Using his training with the POAC Autism Services, Officer Khari Manzini was able to find Paul’s companion in his bedroom and inform the boy about the proper use of emergency services.