Connected to Chicago with Bill Cameron (09-22-2019) Special Guest- CTU President Jesse Sharkey

This week on Connected To Chicago The President of the Chicago teacher’s Union Jesse Sharkey joins the show. Bill and Jesse discuss the upcoming strike vote, How Mayor lightfoot can help in negotiations to prevent a strike, The specifics of what the teacher’s are demanding, and the differences in working with Mayor Lightfoot and former Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

In this week’s round table segment, Bill is joined by Ray Long of The Chicago Tribune, Heather Cherone, editor of The Daily Line, Lynn Sweet and Fran Spielman of The Chicago Sun-Times. The discussion opens up with looming teacher’s strike, and a recap of Bill’s interview with CTU President Jesse Sharkey, How is Mayor Lightfoot doing with negotiating with Springfield? Ray has an update on economic development for central Illinois, and Lynn with an update from Washington D.C. on Corey Lewandowski and changing standards in journalism.

This week’s Community Spotlight is with Lauren Cohn. The Carol Stream Police Department is at the forefront of a saliva testing program to measure marijuana impairment in drivers. Sgt. Brian Cluever joins Lauren for a brief discussion.

Here’s A Good Reason Not To Use Your Phone On The Toilet

While it certainly beats reading the ingredients list on a bottle of shampoo, doctors really don’t recommend bringing your smartphone along while you use the toilet.

All of that app scrolling and game playing only encourages people to spend more time hunched over while sitting, which can lead to hemorrhoids, Dr. Sarah Jarvis tells The Sun .

But if you keep your phone with you while atop the throne, you’re not alone.

According to a YouGov survey of Brits, 57 percent admit to phone use in the can, while eight percent claim they “always” do it.



Airbnb Guests Turn Home Into Brothel For Two Weeks

For travelers, Airbnb is a great way to cut down on lodging costs. For the host, you really should vet who you’re handing the keys to, as a man in New Zealand just learned.

While on vacation over the summer, the unnamed homeowner listed his place on the rental site, finding two women to stay there for two weeks.

But when he returned, he realized something was amiss. Not only did the property “stank of cheap perfumes,” the electric bill was sky-high. Then the doorbell started ringing with strange visitors asking, “where are the girls?”

Turns out, the guests were running a brothel. Airbnb says they’re investigating, reports the New Zealand Herald .



Facebook Employee Dies After Jumping From Fourth Floor Of Company Headquarters

A Facebook employee has died after leaping from the fourth floor of the company’s Menlo Park, CA headquarters.

Police are calling the death an “apparent suicide” and reportedly do not suspect any foul play.

Facebook released a statement saying it was “saddened to learn that one of our employees passed away at our Menlo Park headquarters earlier today”, and said it was cooperating with the investigation.



Bikers Line Up For 8-Year-Old’s Lemonade Stand After Mom Helps Them Out

Business is booming for eight-year-old Bryanne Sturch’s lemonade stand – thanks to a group of thirsty motorcycle lovers.

Bryanne’s grandfather shared a photo of a group of leather-clad bikers lining up outside his granddaughter’s Chili, Indiana lemonade stand.

They’re members of the group Milwaukee Iron, and there’s a reason for their generosity – one year ago Bryanne’s mom, who is a nurse, helped the bikers out after several of them were involved in a roadside accident.

Bryanne’s grandfather wrote that “Ever since then they’ve been so wonderful to my family” and added the hashtag #goodpeopledoexist.

Have you ever made a lifelong friend that started with a random encounter? Did you ever have a lemonade stand as a kid?




6,500 Nurses Walk Off The Job In One-Day Strike

Thousands of registered nurses at twelve hospitals in Florida, California, and Arizona walked off the job on Friday, launching a one-day strike to protest working conditions.

About 6,500 nurses were expected to join the strike against Tenet Health hospitals, after working without a contract for up to two years. The union is calling for higher wages and a lower patient-to-nurse ratio.

Tenet Health announced that “we respect the nurses’ right to strike” assured the public that all patients would be cared for by replacement nurses. The striking nurses are expected to return to the job on Saturday.



FDA, Congress To Look Into Vaping-Related Illnesses

As the number of vaping-related illnesses continues to grow at an alarming rate, the FDA and Congress are getting involved.

The Food and Drug Administration has announced it will launch a criminal probe into e-cigarettes. Meanwhile, Congress plans to hold a subcommittee hearing on the matter next week.

This week, the CDC confirmed 530 cases of vaping-related illnesses in the U.S., up from 380 just one week ago. New York and Minnesota have already banned flavored e-cigarettes and the federal government is reportedly considering a nationwide ban.



Colorado Town Drops Ban On Topless Women

The women of Fort Collins, Colorado are welcome to set the girls free, as the city is dropping its ban on women going topless in public.

On Friday, the city decided not to appeal a federal judge’s decision that banning women, but not men, from going topless was unconstitutional.

Meanwhile, a similar challenge in New Hampshire could go all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, which will decide later this year whether or not to hear the case.



Parents Think Summer Vacation Is Too Long

With students back at school, parents are lamenting their long, hot summer.

A new survey finds 67 percent of parents saying summer vacation for their kids is too long.

Most adults want to reclaim time for themselves and with their partners once school starts.

About half of the parents in the survey want to watch a movie or TV show they couldn’t view while the kids needed summer attention.



100 People Arrested In Ohio Sex Sting

More than 100 people in central Ohio have been arrested in connection with a massive human trafficking and child sex sting.

Authorities say 24 men arrived at a location with the intention of meeting a child for sex, after communicating online with agents posing as underage youths.

An additional 79 people were arrested for either selling sex or attempting to buy it, along with one arrest for promoting prostitution.

Among those arrested were a church youth director and an emergency room doctor.



5 Men Spend $12K At Atlantic City Hotel With Stolen Identity

Five men are accused of having a good time in Atlantic City on someone else’s dime.

The suspects allegedly spent $12,000 at the Borgata Casino and Hotel.

William Newhart opened a credit card with someone else’s name. He then bought gift cards and gave them to four other guys and they went on the shopping spree.

All five men are facing identity theft charges.



Jeff Bezos Pushes Amazon “Climate Pledge”

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has unveiled a plan for his company to combat climate change by meeting the goals of the Paris climate agreement 10 years early.

Bezos laid out his “Climate Pledge” in Washington D.C. on Friday, including a promise for Amazon to be carbon neutral by the year 2040.

The pledge includes a $100 million reforestation project, a move towards renewable energy, and a fleet of over 100,000 electric delivery vans.

Meanwhile, more than 1,500 Amazon worker plan to walk off the job Friday as part of the Global Climate Strike that begins today.



Politics and a Pint with Chris Plante

Thank you to all who came to our Politics and a Pint with Chris Pante!

North American Bird Population Has Dropped By Nearly One Third

Bird populations are dropping sharply across North America, a trend that has researchers concerned about a “mass extinction event”.

According to a new study, nearly 3 billion birds have disappeared from North America over the last 50 years, a drop of 29 percent. Researchers say the drop applies not only to threatened or endangered species, but also common “backyard birds”.

Scientists fear the drop is evidence that Earth is in the middle of a sixth “mass extinction” event that threatens up to a million plant and animal species.



Congressman Collapses Just Before TV Appearance

New York Congressman Tom Reed collapsed on Thursday, just minutes before he was scheduled to appear on television.

The 47-year-old Reed was set to appear on Fox Business when he collapsed in the rotunda of the Cannon Office Building and was unconcious for about 30 seconds.

He was taken to George Washington University Hospital and is in “good condition”, according to a spokesperson.



Chicago restaurants announced on the 2020 MICHELIN Bib Gourmand list

The MICHELIN Bib Gourmand list for 2020 is out, and 54 Chicago restaurants make the list. MICHELIN’s criteria looks at restaurants serving “high-quality food at a reasonable price.”

Of the 54 restaurants, 14 are new. Eater reports that 19 restaurants were 86d this time around, including Au Cheval and Hopleaf. Here’s the full list:

Avlí Taverna (NEW)
Birrieria Zaragoza (NEW)
Cabra (NEW)
Ceres’ TAble
Chilam Balam
Cira (NEW)
County Barbecue (NEW)
Daguan Noodle
Dos Urban Cantina
The Duck Inn
etta (NEW)
Fat Rice
Flat & Point (NEW)
Frontera Grill
Funkenhausen (NEW)
Ghin Khao (NEW)
Gilt Bar
Girl & The Goat
GT Fish & Oyster
Ina Mae Tavern (NEW)
Kai Zan
Kie-Gol-Lanee (NEW)
La Josie (NEW)
Lonesome Rose
Longman & Eagle
Lula Café
Mango Pickle
Mi Tocaya
Mott St.
Nella Pizza e Pasta (NEW)
Pacific Standard Time
Pizzeria Bebu
Pleasant House Pub
The Purple Pig
San Soo Gab San
Smoque BBQ
Sol de Mexico
Table, Donkey and Stick
True Food Kitchen
Untitled Supper Club
Virtue (NEW)

Disney’s 1st Jewish princess character will be voiced by Jamie-Lynn Sigler

Disney is continuing their push for diversity.

They will soon introduce their first Jewish Latina princess on the children’s tv show “Elena of Avalor.”

Jamie-Lynn Sigler will be the voice behind the character.

She is best known for her role in the “Sopranos.”



Polio Outbreak In The Philippines

Once thought to have been completely stamped out, polio has made a comeback in the Philippines.

Health officials have confirmed the first case of polio in the country in 19 years, and are awaiting confirmation on another case.

The World Health Organization says it’s “very concerned” about the poliovirus re-emerging, while the local government is preparing a mass immunization campaign for children under 5.