Russian Military Planes Intercepted Off Alaskan Coast

Six Russian planes including two fighter jets and four bombers were intercepted while flying near the Alaskan coast.

According to NORAD, F-22 Raptor planes were sent to intercept the Russian aircraft, which remained in international airspace and did not cross into U.S. territory.

More than 10,000 U.S. military service members are currently in Alaska for training exercies.



Lawmakers Pass Gender Neutral Bill

By Nick Gale, WLS-AM 890 News

(SPRINGFIELD, Ill.) — State lawmakers Tuesday passed a bill that ensures all single occupancy restrooms are gender neutral.

The measure is sponsored by State Rep. Sam Yingling (D – Round Lake Beach).

“This bill denotes that a single occupancy bathroom should have a sign that says “restroom” on it. There are no opponents,” Yingling told lawmakers.

The measure easily passed in both chambers and now heads to the governor’s desk. Similar laws have been passed in a handful of other states. If sighned into law, it would take effect in January.

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Alabama Public Television Refuses to Air Arthur Episode

You no doubt have heard about or even saw the recent “Arthur” episode that featured a same-sex marriage on PBS.

However, if Alabama Public Television is your local affiliate, you didn’t see it and Mike McKenzie, director of programming at APT says there are no plans to air it.

He said if they aired it, APT would take away the choice of parents who felt it was inappropriate for their children.



Federal Smoking Age Could Jump To 21

“Smoke ’em if you got ’em” if you’re under 21 because you may no longer be able to purchase cigarettes if a new bill turns into law.

Senators Mitch McConnell and Tim Kaine introduced new bipartisan legislation on Monday that would raise the smoking age in the country.

Turns out, several tobacco product manufacturing companies are onboard with the idea, which critics say gives them cover from more aggressive enforcement.

While McConnell admits he understands the concerns, the Kentucky politician tells reporters, “Just the fact that they’re for it doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea.”



Dressbarn Closing All 650 Stores

Women’s clothing chain Dressbarn is shutting down all of its 650 locations.

The store has been around for 60 years.

The owner, Ascena Retail Group, said they want to focus on more profitable brands. The company also owns Ann Taylor and Loft.

A timeline for the closure has not been set.



Report Claims Thousands of NK Women Sold into Sex Slavery in China

An investigation by the Korea Future Initiative claims that thousands of North Korean women are being trafficked for prostitution and forced to produce live sex acts on the web. The report also says that women are being sold to men in China for marriage.

The KFI, a non-profit focusing on Korean women and children, claims that over 200,000 North Korean refugees live in China and that 60% of the female refugees have been forced into sex slavery. The investigators also received first-hand accounts from North Korean girls as young as 12-years-old who have been raped and forced into the cybersex trade. China has yet to comment on the report.



Another plastic-filled dead whale found

Another plastic-filled dead whale has been found. This time washed ashore on a beach in Sicily, Italy.

CNN reports the about 7-year-old sperm whale’s stomach was full of several kilograms worth of plastic bags and other garbage.

Sperm whales normally live 70-80 years. This one was so young it hadn’t yet cut its teeth.

The carcass found Friday is the fifth sperm whale found beached on Italian shores in five months. Area environmental groups are sounding alarm and launching plastic cleanup and monitoring efforts.



Suspected Alabama cop killer in custody

Authorities say they’ve apprehended a man responsible for killing an Auburn police officer Sunday night.

29-year-old Grady Wayne Wilkes is accused of murdering 13-year veteran officer William Buechner.

Police say Buechner and two other officers responded to a domestic violence call. They came under fire when they arrived at the mobile home park. All three were wounded, Buechner fatally.

Wilkes was found about a mile from the initial scene shortly after 7 a.m. Monday following a tip. CNN reports Wilkes has a military background but details weren’t immediately available. The individual who made the initial call for help was able to escape the situation unharmed.



24th and 25th horses die at Calif. track

After a lull in tragic deaths at California’s Santa Anita racetrack a 25th horse has now died.

KTLA 5 reports it’s the second death in four days. The first-time starter appeared to suffer a pelvis injury Sunday. The jockey pulled up in hopes of saving the horse; however, Spectacular Music was euthanized the following day.

Two days earlier, an unraced 3-year-old suffered a shoulder injury during training Friday as he galloped. The gelding was also euthanized.



Teen Finds Prehistoric Jawbone In Iowa

An Iowa teen searching for arrowheads found something much older and rarer – a jawbone from a prehistoric mastodon.

Mastodons are elephant-like creatures who roamed the area about 34,000 years ago. Researchers say the bone fragment likely belonged to a young mastodon who stood about 7 feet tall.

The owners of the farm where it was found have donated the remains to the University of Iowa, but are staying anonymous so more fossil hunters don’t trespass on their property.



Supreme Court Passes On Indiana Abortion Cases

The abortion debate is finding its way back into the courts, but the Supreme Court is taking a pass – for now.

On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court chose not to take action on two appeals concerning restrictive abortion laws in Indiana.

One law would require fetal remains to be buried or cremated, while the other would require an ultrasound at least 18 hours before an abortion. Both were signed into law in 2016 by then-governor Mike Pence.

Recently, Alabama and other states have passed restrictive abortion laws with the goal of revisiting Roe v. Wade with a conservative-majority Supreme Court.



More Layoffs Coming At Ford

Ford has announced another round of layoffs – this time for salaried and management jobs.

The automaker will cut 7,000 salaried jobs, adding up to about 10 percent of its global workforce. That includes about 2,300 employees in the U.S.

In an email to employees, CEO Jim Hackett said the company must “reduce bureaucracy” and “cut costs” and says the affected workers will learn their fate this week.



Tom Bevan – Joe Biden, Roe V. Wade, and American Healthcare

This week on Tom Bevan (5/19/19) – Tom takes a look at the Joe Biden campaign and is it enough for the Democrats. Plus, the new Abortion Laws – is it strategy or reaction? Finally, voters reactions to health care and Medicare-For-All. Guests Include: Phil Wegmann, Scott Jennings, Ford O’Connell, and John Della Volpe

Ric Edelman (05/19/2019) – Retirement can be a lot of fun.

Ric Edelman (05/19/2019) – Retirement can be a lot of fun.  Have you asked yourself the question, “What are you going to do when you retire??”  Who do you tell and when do you tell them that you have decided to retire.  What is the future of taxes and it’s link to the ‘trust-ability’ of Congress.


Stephanie Trussell (05/18/19) – Jasmine Hauser, Mark Weyermuller, David Smith, Brandon Darby, Victoria Robinson, Donald Boudreaux, Tracy Jennings, & Brad Halbrook

Stephanie is joined by co-host Jasmine Hauser, to talk with David Smith and Brandon Darby in the first hour of the show. In the second hour, Stephanie and Jasmine are joined by Victoria Robinson, Donald Boudreaux, and Tracy Jennings. In the final hour, Representative Brad Halbrook joins the show and of course, we have Mark’s Man on the Street Report!

Trip Sisters Episode 49 – Oh, Canada! (05/18/2019)

Colleen & Catie’s Picks for Canada.  Special Guest:  Pauline Frommer – Co-President of FrommerMedia, Editorial Director of Frommer’s Guidebooks, author of the best-selling “Frommer’s EasyGuide to New York City” and “Frommer’s New York City Day by Day”, co-host of “The Travel Show” on WABC @Frommers

Trip Sisters – Show Notes – Oh, Canada! (5/18/19)

Episode 49 – Website Info

Special Guest
Pauline Frommer – Co-President of FrommerMedia, Editorial Director of Frommer’s Guidebooks, author of the best-selling “Frommer’s EasyGuide to New York City” and “Frommer’s New York City Day by Day”, co-host of “The Travel Show” on WABC @Frommers

Colleen & Catie’s Picks for Canada

Destination: Saguenay Lac St.-Jean – Located in Eastern Canada – Quebec Province
Accommodations: Val-Jalbert – Built in the 1920s, historic. You can stay in period houses, mini cottages, or campground. Great for families!
Restaurant: Restaurant du Moulin (at Val-Jalbert) – Features phenomenally fresh local ingredients and is family-friendly.
Zoo Sauvage de Saint-Felicien – Drive-through zoo
Boat tour where the St Lawrence River and the Saguenay Fjord meet (you may even see whales)
Historic Village de Val-Jalbert – Where presenters in period costumes explain what life was like in the area during the 1920’s
When to visit: June – September
Airport to fly into: Saguenay-Bagotville Airport
How to get around: Rent a car or even a bike
Any other tips? Consider a passport card if you plan on traveling to Canada often. Cheaper than a passport, easier to carry around – plus you may need one to travel domestically soon.

Destination: Calgary – City in the Western Canadian province of Alberta
Accommodations: Le Germain Hotel Calgary – Across the street from Calgary Tower, a 4-minute walk from Arts Commons and near Calgary Zoo.
Restaurant: Charcut in Le Germain Hotel Calgary – Great food and great vibes with cuisine from Top Chef Canada contestant Connie Dsouza.
Summer Activities:
Tour the Heritage Park Historical Village – Canada’s largest living history museum, it is one of the city’s most visited tourist attractions
Staff dress in historic costume, and antique automobiles and horse-drawn vehicles service the site.
Calgary Transit provides regular shuttle service from Heritage C-Train station.
Go tubing or rafting on Bow River – Lazy Day Raft Rentals
Winter Activities
Tour the Studio Bell National Music Centre – Exhibits on Canadian music history, hands-on instrument areas & concerts in a contemporary setting.
Visit the Gasoline Alley Museum – Site in Heritage Park Historical Village with pre-1950s cars, old-timey gas pumps & vintage signage.
Visit WinSport Winter Sport Institute at Canada Olympic Park – Discover, Develop, Excel in skiing, snowboarding, hockey, skating, bobsleigh, mountain biking, etc.
When to visit:
The best times to visit Calgary are June through August, when most of the city’s special events take place
November through March are perfect for skiing
Any other tips? If you’re looking to save money without arctic temperatures, plan a visit for April or October when the city is free of tourists and cold weather. Springtime temperatures average in the 50s and 60s.

“What’s” with the “Trip Sisters”

What’s in Your Suitcase?
Grand Trunk Blackout Hooded Neck Pillows
$39.95 on
Hooded Travel Pillow made of micro-fleece and memory foam that provides comfort for your neck while the storable hood covers your eyes when you want to rest.

What’s on your phone?
PackPoint travel packing list – Free on Android or iOS
PackPoint is a free travel packing list organizer and packing planner for serious travel pros.
Punch in the city you’re going to travel to, the departure date, and the number of nights you’ll be staying there. PackPoint will organize a packing list and luggage checklist for your luggage that takes into account the type of trip, the location, the weather, and much more!

What’s the tip?
How to Prep Your Fridge Before a Trip (Tips from Ronna Welsh, author of new cookbook “The Nimble Cook.”)
Identify the foods that often go to waste –
Yogurt or cottage cheese, partially used vegetables, salad greens, and leftovers.
Recognizing these items can help us be more mindful of how we shop and cook, and proactive in how we use ingredients
Try to use up what you can before a trip and don’t buy more than you need to for the days leading up to it
Devise a system to keep tabs on what’s in your fridge –
Try two things to keep your kitchen tidy and reduce food waste: The Label and the Line Up.
Keep a sleeve of peel-off file folder labels in the kitchen –
When you buy new groceries, label them with the date you bought them, and make sure you rotate the old items to the front and put the new ones in back.
Find ways to repurpose excess ingredients or those past their prime –
Look for recipes where you can use soft veggies and herbs, dried up fruits, and soon-to-expire perishables.
Get creative with your cuisine before leaving for your trip
Take advantage of your freezer –
Learn what foods you can cook and freeze, which will keep them fresh while you’re away. Plus, you’ll have easy meals to come home and heat up when you return.
Be thoughtful about how you store things for later or take them with you –
The easiest way to make sure something doesn’t go bad during a vacation? Pack it and eat it during your trip.
Freeze your eggs (after they’re cooked) –
Since eggs don’t freeze well in their original form, cook them up in an omelette, quiche, or frittata, and freeze them that way.
Make sure your kitchen is in ship shape before you head off –
Empty the trash, wipe down appliances and counters, wipe down your fridge inside and out, and make sure none of the vents in your freezer are blocked.
For more tips, check out “The Nimble Cook” at, $21