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Chris Plante: “If this kind of harassment is acceptable.. then we’re in a horrible place as a country”

Big John and Ramblin’ Ray are joined with mid-day host Chris Plante, who comments on what has been happening to political figures lately, that Chris says is because of the Democrats. From protesters harassing┬áHomeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen to Corey Lewandowski’s comments on a 10-year-old with down syndrome who was taken away from her mother.

Roger Stone’s new book ‘Stone’s Rules: How to Win at Politics, Business, and Style’

Political Analysis, Roger Stone, joins John and Ray to speak about his new book ‘Rodger Stone: ‘Stone’s Rules: How to Win at Politics, Business, and Style’. Plus commenting on President Trump and Michael Cohen’s relationship, as well as Corey Lewandowski’s chance at Cheif of Staff.



Students, faculty oppose ex-Trump campaign manager’s visit

(CHICAGO) Some University of Chicago students and faculty are vowing to protest the appearance of a former manager of President Donald Trump’s run for the White House.

Corey Lewandowski is scheduled to participate Wednesday in a seminar presented by the university’s Institute of Politics. The session aims to explore Lewandowski’s time with the Trump campaign, the president’s rise and the future of his presidency.

Four groups representing students and faculty delivered a letter Monday to institute director David Axelrod opposing Lewandowski’s appearance.

Assistant philosophy professor Anton Ford said the aim of opponents of Lewandowski’s appearance is not to suppress speech but to prevent certain topics and ideas from being normalized.

Axelrod, an adviser to former President Barack Obama, said he understands the opposition’s viewpoint. However, he said an institute that promotes democracy can’t and won’t shut off discussion and debate.
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