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Kanye West is Hospitalized, Described as Being on Psych Hold

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Kanye West stormed out his concert in Sacramento, California, after he went on a ten-minute rant about the election.

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Kanye West’s recent meltdown has landed him in a Los Angeles hospital.

Several media outlets are reporting that West was taken to the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center yesterday afternoon, because of stress and exhaustion.

The reports say West is being kept there for his own safety — however, the reports don’t say whether there are any indications he may have tried to harm himself.

Los Angeles police tell The Associated Press officers were called to a home near West Hollywood yesterday for a disturbance.

But when officers arrived, it was determined it was a medical issue, not a criminal matter — and West was taken to an ambulance and placed on a psych hold.

There has been no official confirmation of this from reps for West or his wife, Kim Kardashian — despite repeated attempts by The Associated Press to obtain comments.

Kanye West’s hospitalization comes after a string of incidents in recent days that for most people would have indicated some sort of emotional crisis might be in the works.

This past Friday, West was booed at a show when he told his audience if he had voted for president, he would have voted for Donald Trump.

Then he did a show on Saturday that he cut short after just a half hour — 10 minutes of which was taken up with a tirade about Beyoncé, Jay Z, Hillary Clinton, Mark Zuckerberg, radio and MTV.

Then, he scrubbed Sunday night’s show in Los Angeles — and the cherry on top was the cancellation of the rest of the tour yesterday — followed by police being called to his home and him being hospitalized and placed on a psych hold.

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