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U.S. Representative Peter Roskam talks about the future of the new healthcare bill

U.S. Representative Peter Roskam joins the show to talk about today’s vote on the healthcare bill.

Illinois Congressman Peter Roskam

Republican lawmakers in the House used a Judiciary Committee hearing Tuesday to push for impeachment of Internal Revenue Service Commissioner John Koskinen for what they see as his breaching “every single duty he had.” Congressman Peter Roskam from the 6th district joined John to talk about the impeachment proceedings, and also weighed in on the report that House Speaker Paul Ryan will endorse Donald Trump.

Congressman Roskam: Not ready to endorse Trump

By John Dempsey, WLS-AM 890 News
(CHICAGO) Another leading Illinois Republican is refusing to endorse Donald Trump for President.
West Suburban conservative Congressman Peter Roskam tells “The Big John Howell Show” on WLS, that he has problems with some of Trump’s positions.
“You know he thinks taxes are gonna end up going up, I don’t know a lot of Republicans that want to start at a tax hike.
Or that the entitlement programs are all fine. I think most folks realize they’re not fine.
Roskam was asked what it would take for him to come around to endorsing the presumptive Republican nominee for President.
“I haven’t yet. I’m in that category where I want to see him move but you know it’s also this notion of Hillary Clinton, oh my goodness!”
Roskam said he could never support Clinton for President, calling her a “miserable alternative.”
Roskam’s fellow conservative Congressman Randy Hultgren has also said he is not ready to endorse Trump.
Moderate Republican Adam Kinzinger says he may never be able to endorse him, and another moderate Republican, Bob Dold, has flat out said that not only will he not endorse Trump, he will not even be voting for him.
Dold is locked in a tight re-election battle in his North Shore district that includes many liberals and moderates.
Republican Governor Bruce Rauner has said he will not endorse Trump but Rauner has not said if he will vote for him. Republican U.S. Senator Mark Kirk has said he would endorse Trump.
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Big John Howell Show Notes 3-15-16

It’s election day in Chicago! It’s also the Ides of March, so be careful out there.

Three Chicago police officers were recovering from wounds Tuesday morning after an exchange of gunfire with a suspect who was shot dead. The officers, all veterans with about 10 to 12 years on the police force, were rushed to Stroger Hospital and were expected to survive, authorities said. One of the officers was in serious-to-critical condition late Monday.

If Republicans are going to slow Donald Trump’s march to the nomination, Tuesday’s contests could be their last chance to do so at the ballot box, rather than in a contested convention. Former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele joined John to talk about the state of the race and what he expects to see when the results roll in tonight. (Listen here)

Meanwhile on the other side of the aisle, if Bernie Sanders is going to catch Hillary Clinton’s Democratic delegate lead, he’ll need to pass a big test in Midwestern battleground states. Cook County Commissioner Chuy Garcia has endorsed Senator Sanders and joined John to talk about why he thinks Sanders is the best choice for the White House. (Listen here)

Illinois Congressman Peter Roskam joined John Howell to share his thoughts on Election Day. Also, we learned that as a member of Congress, he may be even more disturbed by how realistic House of Cards is than the rest of us. (Listen here)

Everyone has their eye on the Presidential race, but in Cook County and around the state of Illinois there are a number of other interesting race. Governor Bruce Rauner and Michael Madigan are fighting a proxy war in the race between Ken Dunkin and Juliana Stratton. Plus there is also the race for Cook County State’s Attorney. Chicago Tribune Columnist and Editorial Board Member Kristen McQueary joined John to discuss the state and local races worth keeping an eyes on. (Listen here)

Bill Clinton sparred a protester who challenged the former president over his statements — but only as the Secret Service was throwing him out of the rally. Clinton was speaking Saturday at the University of Toledo in Ohio.

A guy in Florida was walking around with a Trump arm band. Carl Cameron reported on it for Fox as an example of just how crazy the election cycle has gotten. It turns out it was the same person who claimed Marco Rubio was driving his girlfriend away. He’s been trolling every political campaign the whole season. Last month he showed up at a rally for Hillary Clinton, proudly wearing a “Settle For Hillary” t-shirt.

Duckworth, Roskam Question Clinton On Benghazi

By Bill Cameron, WLS News

(CHICAGO) Two members of Congress from Illinois, Republican Peter Roskam and Democrat Tammy Duckworth, are on the Benghazi committee and questioned former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Roskam was the first Republican who got to grill Clinton. He called our policy in Libya a  disaster and tried to pin it on Clinton.

“You saw it, you drove it, you articulated it and you persuaded people, did I get that wrong?” Roskam asked.

“Well congressman, I was the Secretary of State. My job was to conduct the diplomacy,” Clinton said.

Duckworth, a Senate candidate, was the first Democrat to question Clinton. It was more of a lovefest.

“Even as a young platoon leader, we got and read [reviews] that gives the individual solder an idea of what the Defense Department is trying to do and I understand you initiated something similar in the State Department,” Duckworth said.

“I agree with you completely congresswoman. It’s a very successful road map as to where we should be going and I’m impressed that as a platoon leader it was something that you took into account,” Clinton said.

Listen to Bill Cameron’s report for WLS radio news: WLS – ND BB NETWORK MEN’S BB BILLBOARD – 10-22-2015

It was political theater that has already cost you the taxpayer about $5 million.