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Darline Senger: “You want someone that’ll be there and commit, and she won’t commit to being comptroller”

Big John and Ramblin’ Ray are joined by Republican Candidate for Illinois Comptroller Darline Senger. She discusses what her first steps would be as comptroller and what needs to be done to get the bills down in Chicago. Senger comments on Susanna Mendoza and the possibility of her running for mayor, which she says how that isn’t fair for the voters who are voting for her in the run for comptroller.

Jim Durkin: “The report is clear, [Pritzker] committed fraud”


Big John and Ramblin’ Ray have Jim Durkin, a Republican member of the Illinois House of Representatives representing the 82nd District, joins the show to speak upon Wednesday nights Governors debate. Comments that were made between Gov Rauner and J.B Pritzker on tax fraud and Illinois spending.

Big John & Ray 60: “Hey O’Reilly, Take Another Lap Around Europe”

Bill O’Reilly is out at FOXNews. Joe Concha from The Hill talks about why O’Reilly had to go. Plus, White Sox pitcher Jose Quintana makes an appearance on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Chicago Tribune’s Dennis Byrne talks about his column on Mayor Emanuel’s plan for graduating high school students

Dennis Byrne of the Chicago Tribune joins the show to talk about his column on Mayor Emanuel asking graduating high school seniors to have a plan for after high school.

Blackhawks anthem singer Jim Cornelison talks about singing for the Hawks and at the Indy 500

Blackhawks anthem singer Jim Cornelison joins the show to talk about the Blackhawks in the playoffs and getting to sing at the Indy 500.

CNN’s John Berman talks about the Georgia run-off election for the seat in the U.S. House of Representatives

CNN’s John Berman joins the show to talk about the Georgia election from last night and the Bulls-Celtics playoff series.

Jake Dizon is competing on Chopped Jr. on the Food Network

Jake Dizon is a 13-year-old from Glenview and joins the show to talk about his passion for cooking and competing on Chopped Jr.

Ryan Brandell from Barstool Sports talks about the Blackhawks’ chances down 3-0 to the Nashville Predators

Ryan Brandell from Barstool Sports joins the show to talk about the Blackhawks, who are down 3-0 in the first round of the NHL playoffs.

New York Post Michael Goodwin talks about his article on President Trump’s relationship with Steve Bannon

New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin joins the show to talk about his article about why President Trump needs Steve Bannon.

National security expert William Hartung talks about President Trump’s show of force early in his administration

William Hartung is the Director of the Arm & Security Project at the Center for International Policy and joins the show to talk about President Trump’s missile strikes in Syria and MOAB deployment in Afghanistan.

Big John & Ray 60: “Round Mound Of Wrong”

Charles Barkley thought the Bulls stood no chance and he was wrong. Does Buffalo Grove hate music? Plus, we find a couple who just really connects with each other and find out why they do.

Big John & Ray 60: “How Can One Room Fit So Much Indignation?”

Alderman Ed Burke takes United to task in only the way Ed Burke can. Lt. Col Jeff Addicott talks about dropping the M.O.A.B in Afghanistan. Chuck Swirsky on the Bulls as they take on the Boston Celtics. Plus, drivers should avoid the body of water on the right.

Bulls Play-By-Play Annnouncer Chuck Swirsky talks about the Bulls series with Boston Celtics

Bulls Play-By-Play Announcer Chuck Swirsky joins the show to talk about the Bulls as they plan to take on the Boston Celtics in the first round.

Lt. Col. Jeff Addicott talks about President Trump’s attack on ISIS

Lt. Col Jeff Addicott is the Director of the Center for Terrorism Law at St. Mary’s University of Law in San Antonio and talks about President Trump’s attacks in the Middle East.

GOP Strategist Rick Wilson talks about President Trump and his military efforts

GOP Strategist Rick Wilson joins the show to talk about the affect President Trump’s military actions in the Middle East may have on polling numbers.

New FOP President Kevin Graham talks about his future plans for the CPD

Kevin Graham was elected as the new President of the FOP and joins the show to talk about his first steps as the head of the CPD rank and file.

Big John & Ray 60: “Playoffs? Talk About Playoffs!”

Bulls get the last playoff seat. President Trump continues to flip-flop on issues from his campaign. State Representative Scott Drury talks about breaking from Speaker Michael Madigan. Plus, aren’t we supposed to be saving the bees?

Barstool Sports blogger Ryan Brandell talks about the Blackhawks and Bulls as they prepare for the playoffs

Ryan Brandell blogs for Barstool Sports joins the show to talk about the Bulls and Blackhawks as they head to the playoffs.