Lake Shore Drive Delays Ahead

A new construction project is getting underway on Chicago’s North Side that will make getting around on Lake Shore Drive a real challenge.

Crews worked Tuesday measuring, marking, and setting up cones on LaSalle Drive near Lake Shore. Eventually, LaSalle will be down to one lane in each direction from North Avenue to the drive.

This advance work is just a part of the big picture: a resurfacing and bridge repair project on Lake Shore Drive from North Avenue to Monroe. On Monday, Aug. 27, crews will have the drive reduced to only two lanes in each direction from North to Monroe until Oct. 6.

The Chicago Department of Transportation is strongly urging drivers to use public transportation during the six-week project.
The repairs and resurfacing will be done in two stages. During the first phase, the two left lanes of Lake Shore will be closed in both directions from North to Monroe. The second phase would shift traffic and close the right lanes.

While CDOT admits this will be a major inconvenience, they also stress that the work is badly needed, both the resurfacing on the drive between Grand Avenue and Monroe and the bridge work at North. In order to get the repair work done as quickly and safely as possible, crews will work double shifts with around the clock closures.

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